“Stop Chasing People & Start Chasing your Dreams” By Jonin Marie Gargoles

1. Stop chasing wrong people and stop wasting your time.

Stop wasting your time doing nothing. Stop chasing people who are not helping you towards success. Go and chase your dreams because no matter how big they are, you deserve them. Whether it owning your dream house, opening a business, travelling the world, leaving your job and pursuing your real passion. Seize the stairs that takes you to your dreams. A single stepping stone is better than stepping backwards. I’m telling you your dreams can come true, you have to believe in it and have a big faith in God. You have to take the risk no matter how many challenges you’ll be facing.

2. Pursuing your dreams doesn’t make you selfish.

Stop saying to yourself your too ambitious or your dream is impossible. You chase your dreams not to please other people around you. Pursue your dreams to inspire other people, make your family proud and show the next generations that nothing is impossible if we keep on dreaming. Set in your soul that following your mission is equal to letting people see the glory and goodness of God.

3. You will experience rocky roads along the way but don’t ever give up

You will face a lot of setback and it is inevitable because believe it or not it is always part of the process. They are vital steps that you have to take in reaching your goals. You will experience hopelessness, failure and a lot of disappointments but doesn’t mean you will give up. Right? If you fall 7 times still get up again for the 8th time. Failures will encourage to be stronger and braver to reach your dreams. Everything that can dim the way can turn into light because it symbolizes the wisdom to defeat despair.

4. Have faith with God in every battles you face

You need to have faith that God is with you throughout your journey. Faith is about trusting Him and let Him guide you through it all. Miracles can happen and our faith can move mountains. Something that surprises you as you have fought a good fight despite all the struggles and it’s because you prayerfully faced the battle.

What are you waiting for? Go and chase your dreams because a lot of people long to witness it.
Chase what feels uncomfortable so you can grow. Chase and pursue your dreams that will give you purpose and meaning, something that you can conquer that will lead you to inspire more people.

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