“Healing is difficult, But You’ll be Okay” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Healing is messy and crazy. There’s no timeline for healing. It may take you days, months, or years but it’s okay as long as your trying. It is something you must do for yourself. It’s something you need to work through and figure out day by day. It’s something that hits you in storm and teaches you to be strong.

It’s okay if you’re not okay. Your heart and soul will heal.  Even if they ripped your heart many times. Get up and stitch it back again.

I think it’s okay to feel like it over and over again.  I think it’s okay sometimes it hits you over again but I promise you one day you’ll be fine. It’s okay to fall apart when you’re trying to figure out what the future will be without them. It’s okay not have control over it because it’s part of the process. You need to let go the things that doesn’t help you to grow. You need to let go the painful words and traumatic memories you still have.

You are not weak because you’re crying in the shower or in your bed alone. You are not weak for having hard time sleeping. You’re not weak for being able to talk about. You are not weak trying your best not to cry today.

You are healing.
You’re healing every single day. You’re trying to stay focused to what really matter the most. You’re trying to tell yourself that things didn’t work out because he didn’t appreciate you. You’ve convinced yourself that he ignores all the love, care and effort you gave him. I know it’s hard but I promise you one day you’ll be okay. Trust the process and don’t forget to pray to God for your healing.

If you’re feeling alone despite being surrounded in a room full of people like your family and friends give yourself some time to process everything. You need to stop  holding onto him.

Here’s the bottom-line ladies.

You deserve more than anything in this is world. You have so much more to offer.

Move on. Be happy. Breath in and let it go permanently.
Respect yourself you deserve better. You know, that right?

Let me ask you, where did the strong and independent woman go?
The one with the high standards, integrity, and pride? The woman who knew she deserved nothing less than the moon, stars and the entire universe?  Where did she go, the one that had been so badly hurt and betrayed before but still manage to stand up again thousand times? Where did she go who promised herself never to fall victim because she had learned about love the hard way? Where did she go, that woman she fought so hard to become the beautiful, strong and independent woman with her heart on her sleeve, so deserving of a man who’d shower her with nothing less than pure love, respect and attention?

I wonder, where did you go?

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