“Even they left you, you’re still the winner” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

In this world full of lies and trust issues. You still remain honest no matter what. Your words are soft and sincere that can touch someone’s heart and soul. You’re genuine even most people are faking it. You didn’t ruin their emotions or try destroy them. You were true to yourself even they lied in front of your face. 

Even if they took you for granted. You were still sweet and kind. You were giving so much love and taking good care of them. Remember you have a big heart.
Even if they choose someone else over you. You did what you had to do for someone you love. You chose them over others. You invest your time to them even they don’t have time for you sometimes. You did your best to love them deeply. You didn’t expect something in return.

Even if they thought of you as temporary. You know deep in your heart that you’re not. You’re one of a kind person and someone will love you sooner. You don’t know how to play games or manipulate someone’s heart. You were honest and sincere. You showed the side of your vulnerability, your true feelings and how they really mean to you.  You showed them that they are important. You showed them your painful scars without trying to conceal them. You were an entire galaxy for someone who can’t see the amazing stars.

Even if they made you feel like you’re not good enough. You gave them everything. You did your very best. You did everything for someone worth loving and fighting for and if that’s not enough for someone to stay, you shouldn’t beg them to stay. It’s your job to stay exactly the way you are because you will always be more than enough for someone who is looking for depth, quality and strength. Maybe you were too strong for the weak ones or too deep for the shallow ones or maybe you were a home when they were looking for a vacation.

Always remember this even if they leave you in the first place. You are still the winner. You don’t need that kind of person who will leave you hanging because they can’t handle who you are. You don’t need someone who act innocent while lying. You don’t need someone who manipulates your sincere love and pure intentions for them.  You don’t need someone who is an attention seeker or emotional drainer in your life. You don’t need someone who sees you as a placeholder. You don’t need someone who makes you feel that you are not good enough.

You need someone who will stay with you and accept who you are
They see your mesmerizing soul that no could ever compare to someone else.

So, trust me when I told you that you are the winner even when they left. You win every time because when God takes away someone in your life it means he’s making room for someone so much better. Be patient because God’s will and purpose is more beautiful & captivating into your life.

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