“Fear Not” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

We are living in uncertain times.
We strive hard to create a beautiful future.
There is a great purpose why we are experiencing trials.
Every time we walk through fire we will not be burned because of God’s guidance.

We know that God gave us protection in the midst of danger.
Holy Spirit help us not to lose faith.
Help us maintain a strong faith with God because in Him everything is possible.

God’s comfort is the most precious gift in this world.
God’s love is unconditional.
Don’t be discourage or disheartened because God is with you.
This circumstance shall pass in your life
Do not let your heart and soul be troubled just keep on trusting God.

May you have peace in your heart
I hope you’ll discover your purpose in life.
God is the greatest healer of all.
Let our heart and mind be flooded with his love.
He’ll heal those who are hurting and depressed.
He will ease our pain and let us conquer from emotional healing.
We should let go all of our anxiety, worries, sadness, and depression.
As we pray to our loving God may all of our heavy storms and tornadoes calm. We just need to have faith in him all the time.

Jonin’s Journey to Canada

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