“Sometimes we need to feel the Rain” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

You knew from the start it was not good for you emotionally. But you still gave it a chance.

One day you’ll realize everything makes sense and you’ll slowly feel the progress.
In the end, if you let it go you will experience the real essence of love. You will discover who you truly are.

Growth is painful.
Change is painful.
Being stuck in the same place you don’t deserve is more painful.
If you don’t move now, you might regret and miss out some beautiful opportunities ahead.

Stand up even if you stumble.
Dream big even if it feels impossible
Smile more even if your heart is crumpled.
Forgive more even when your heart’s still healing.

Life is a constant change.
Sometimes we need to feel the rain to help us grow and be strong.
Every struggle we are facing is a preparation to our future destination.

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