“Beautiful Sunset – Lamer Jumeirah Beach” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

I love a good sunset. Who doesn’t? I like to think about what the next day will bring. So it gives me hope. Hope for a better day. A better life. A healthier world. Everybody just has to give it chance. 🌍🏖️

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Walking Exercise with this beautiful lady – Tita Rina 🙂 Helping me to reach my 10,000 Steps Goals each Day.

A girl who love sunset surrounds herself with positivity in life

Happiness is something you have to find internally

Degraded and disgraced, we should leave the strife

Whatever burns inside of you, burns eternally

Your dreams might be tiring to achieved in life

But never stop from trying until you make it right

Life have so much to offer to you

Negative mind doesn’t have a cure

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