“Aragvi River” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

The Tetri Aragvi (“White Aragvi”) flows from Gudauri down to the town of Pasanauri, where it is joined by the Shavi Aragvi (“Black Aragvi”), before flowing south to merge with the Mtkvari River by Mtskheta, the Eastern Georgia’s ancient capital city, just north of Tbilisi.

It’s one of the most amazing river I ever seen in my entire life. It feels like two rivers meeting with each other with different direction and color. We can make a metaphor for this river …. “It’s like two rivers meet each other for a reason but are not meant to be together as one”.

I’ve been traveling to different countries around the world but this river really attracts me. You can also do parasailing in this river however we haven’t time to do it during our tour. But if you a time I recommend you to try it. If you love adventure definitely try it!

Contact Person :

I could recommend the BEST TOUR GUIDE OF GEORGIA

Name : Mama “GIA BULAURI”

Contact Number/Whatsapp : +995 593 000370

“He is very personable, friendly, and above all, so passionate about traveling and sharing his country to us that his enthusiasm overflows like water from a ruptured fire hydrant. As a guest, I can sense his excitement and it is infectious. I’ll leave the tour feeling like I just hung out with a long time friend and I can’t wait to go back. If all tour guides are GREAT like Mama Gia, I’d gladly take more tours!”

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