“Life of a Minimalist” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

For almost 4 months I haven’t a updated my blog
I’m busy trying to figure out my life without a lag
I truly believe that life has it’s own surprises
It depends on you as person how to surpass

Life might give you a lot of circumstances
Believe and conquer all of the challenges
Never forget that your life is great
Its you who choose your colors and create

Don’t run away where you started
Maybe some of your winter storm didn’t melted
Cause here you are standing up on your own
You’re a strong and independent since you were born

Never let anyone destroy your future
Everyone have different type of culture
You might experienced sacrifices
It brings you a lot of experiences

You’ve decided to declutter a lot of people and things
In order to let go of the negative and unhealthy strings
It brings you peace and true happiness
As time pass by your deeper soul removes sadness
A simple life is a great fulfilment
Life teaches you to value contentment

When you see train passing by
Just keep moving on
When you feel heavy rain passing by
Let your fears and tears be gone

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