“Dubai Garden Glow” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Christmas is coming near and I think the perfect place to visit in Dubai right now is Dubai Garden Glow. This place is actually stunning at night. Its perfect place for family and friends. Sparkling lights twinkle into your curious eyes. Colourful lights will chase you as you walk inside of this enchanted and magical garden. Thank you for this great adventure with my cousin “Nong Third” & with his beautiful wife “Nang Keats”.


There’s a lot more if you love about Pre-historic Time like me for sure you will truly enjoy your experience with Dinosaurs. It like visiting Jurassic World in a real movie. The actual size and gigantic sounds of different dinosaurs will haunt you.


Winter is coming soon and try to enjoy and visit the Ice Park inside because you will be amazed by the different Amazing and Artistic Ice Sculptors.


Dubai Garden Glow was established in 2015 and has over 500 eminent craftsmen, engineers and architects behind the Magic. There is a lot of science and research that has gone into the making of all the three concepts that sum up Dubai Garden Glow.


This unique recreation park attracts and entertains audiences of all age groups to come visit the park, explore the magic and experience the fun and excitement. Apart from its creative installations, there are live musical shows and other performances from some of the best talents in the UAE. There is a special edutainment zone where kids can have interactive fun. Added to all gift yourself an exciting wonderful Journey in the Eco-friendly World of Arts. For food lovers, there is a large food pavilion that offers delicacies from all around the world.

After successful three seasons and three themes later, Dubai Garden Glow invites you to experience the Magic of Four in Season 4.

Dubai’s Glory Welcomes Back All Smiling Families To Experience Four More Reasons To Smile With Four Artistic Splendors At One Destination.


Dubai Garden Glow is a World of Imagination with a Skillful blend of World’s Unique Art and Theme creating an amazing concept.
Experience 4 magical themes in one venue:



  • The tickets are priced at AED 65 per entrant including 5% VAT for (Dinosaur Park + Glow Park + Art Park) . Children up to age of 3 years are free.
  • if you want to visit ICE PARK the package you will pay is 120 AED per person for (Dinosaur Park + Glow Park + Art Park + Ice Park)



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