“Musandam Tour” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Do you want escape from your hectic world and away from city life? Do you want to relax on the beach? Have a lunch buffet in the cruise? Enjoy the scenery of ocean and listen to beach waves that surrounds you?




Musandam Tour is a very amazing and relaxing place in Oman. The tour is breathtaking as you will witness different beautiful hidden paradise. You will enjoy with your friends and family because it’s really entertaining and relaxing. It boasts lot of natural sites and marine activities in its colorful corals and crystal clear waters. Perfect tour program to have because the tour can ensure your full engagement and amusement throughout the trip.




  • Price Starts at 185 AED
  • Pickup Area – Spinneys Burjuman

  • Pickup 7:00am and drop-off 5:30pm
  • Lunch buffet
  • Unlimited water and soft drinks
  • Swimming and Snorkeling in the clear water
  • Banana boat rides and Fishing
  • Water Sports
  • Beautiful beach which is surrounded by mountains
  • Enjoy the mountain view and the ripples of the sea




  • Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen because its so hot outside
  • Enjoy the clean & clear blue ocean
  • Don’t forget to try there water sports like banana boat, kite surfing, kayaking, Canoeing and snorkeling
  • Natural dolphin watching along the way
  • Two stops for snorkeling & swimming
  • Visiting historical islands
  • View of small fishing villages Musandam
  • Enjoy the sunrise and sunset view along your journey
  • It gives you time to relax and unwind
  • You can also enjoy fishing on your way home
  • Enjoy the adrenaline rush of boat riding
  • Be mesmerized by the beauty of nature like their natural hidden caves and islands



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