“This how it ends” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

This how it ends. A once happy love story start to fade away. Life is as beautiful like white roses. So pure and delicate. But roses have thorns you need to be careful to touch it. Its like when you fall in love no matter how pure your love if the person wants to hurt you. You allow that person to build thorns in your heart and soul.

How can it be possible to love someone deeply but that person no longer loves you back as much as you wanted them to. As the days went by people change constantly. Its either they change to become a better or worst person.

Things may not be the same anymore. Pain can change people. No matter how many stitches and wounds were already stained inside your heart. You cannot change the heart of someone who will fall in love with you or with someone else.

No matter how pretty, loving, sweet, caring or kind you are if the person you love is not contented with you. That person will always find a way to cheat, lie and find someone else. Don’t beg for someone to change because if they did it to you a thousand times it only means they will never change.

A cheater will always be a cheater. A liar will always be a liar. If you try to ask yourself where you’ve done wrong? Don’t be too hard to yourself because you didn’t do anything. You just fall in love with a person who cannot be loyal to you. I think you deserve someone better who could love you unconditionally. Who will treat you right. Who will love you and take care of you. Every man loses a good woman because he was too young, too stupid, to recognize it before its too late.

Don’t trust again if you already gave all of your maximum limit of chances. A second chance is enough not a thousand chances. You deserve someone who is sincere and honest with you. In this world full of bitter and sweet memories you have to make a wise decision. A big decision in your life whether you will keep your heart hurting to a wrong person or you will let go that person who doesn’t deserve your heart.

You need to slowly learning that goodbye doesn’t have to hurt. But what hurts is clinging to the past.
You slowly learning to let go of the things you need to. The people who are no longer meant for you.
You slowly learning to stand still when someone walks away instead of chasing them. That the right people will, in fact, be the ones that stay.
You learn to not analyze your reflection thinking maybe there was something you lacked. Or something you did wrong. But rather understanding the difference between being good enough for someone and being right enough for them.
You slowly learning there are some mistakes you can’t change. Some people that might not forgive you. But that shouldn’t influence you forgiving yourself and trying to move forward. That sometimes the best thing to do is learn.
You slowly learning to not waste any more time.
You slowly learning to take responsibility for your happiness.
You slowly learning to wake up and start your day on a good foot even if it still hurts sometimes.
You slowly learning to not let other people’s actions control how your feeling.

You learn to not focus so much on the things you don’t have but rather appreciate what you do. That one person might be gone but so many others aren’t.
To stop putting your happiness in the hands of someone else.
You slowly learning what it’s like to really live alone and try and be happy with it.
And knowing that it’s okay when there are some days your not there yet.
You slowly learning that letting go doesn’t mean I’m weak.
You learn what it’s like to be alone. And your learning that you like it. In the end you realize what you truly deserve. Forgive yourself every single time you forgot your worth. Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved sincerely, honestly and truly.

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