“It’s hard to say goodbye” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Sometimes saying goodbye is the most painful part

While gazing to their sorrowful eyes

They treat me like a family from the start

I could see little rain flowing in their eyes

I’m sorry if I need to go

I know its hard to let go

Thank you for everything

Thank you for sharing

Life might be hard sometimes

We can’t predict what will happen next

Taking risk may sounds scary

Taking chances may be blurry


A happy person might encounter sadness

Life is like a roller coaster ride

Sometimes you’re happy sometimes you’re sad

Every person have a good and bad side

Its up to you how you handle your own problems

Its how you battle different blizzards

Its how you control your tears to anyone

Its how you stay calm in spite of turbulence

Its how you welcome crazy winds

Its how you show love and compassion to others

Its how you sacrifice to make your dreams come true

Its how you realized you need to be more matured this time

Because in every circumstance in life

The most important thing in life is to see your family happy





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