“Money can’t buy love” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


I hear some girls could say, “He can buy whatever I want. I should go for him”. The first thought that came through my mind was that is not all what most girls want, and that is definitely not what I want.

I wasn’t interested in him and him having money didn’t make me any more interested. What good is a hallow relationship without love and passion?

In the same cases I also over heard someone told his friends, “I give her whatever she wants and I buy her everything she asks for. I don’t know what else she wants.”


Expensive gifts and dinners aren’t everything. Money doesn’t replace love, money doesn’t fill in the gaps of being lonely in a relationship and money surely doesn’t keep you warm at night. Money doesn’t make you soup when you’re sick, money doesn’t hold the umbrella over your head in the rain and money doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside from passion.

I don’t want a relationship that is flooded with gifts that are trying to replace love because love can’t be replaced. I don’t need expensive material things but I want to spoiled by your sweet love.


Love can’t be covered up or over powered by anything. Love is love and there is nothing more dominant than it.

Love is like magic, sometimes it’s impossible to understand or figure out, but no one has to truly understand it other than the ones who are creating the show, as they as they can make it work nothing else matters.


Love makes you feel more alive than anything. It gives you butterflies and makes your heart skip a beat. It makes you nervous, jittery, excited and passionate. Love makes your heart race and your knees tremble. Love is filling and honest, it is not something that can be replaced or bought.

I want passion. I don’t want comfort.

I want to kiss someone like they are the air that fills my lungs, like their kiss is the only thing keeping me alive. Sweet kisses that makes me feel like breathless while flying into the blue sky with beautiful doves.



I don’t want gifts from someone; I’ve never wanted gifts. I’ve never wanted to marry rich so I could live a luxurious lifestyle. I would take being simple and happily in love over being with someone just because they can spoil me. That’s not love, and that is not a relationship I’m interested in because money can’t buy happiness.


I don’t need gold, diamonds and pearls to make me happy, I just want your love. Your REAL AND TRUE LOVE! I don’t need you to be my hero; I just want you to be there for me. I don’t need you to show me off in front of your friends, I just want to feel special to you.


Money can’t create feelings that aren’t there and sometimes as humans we think that fancy gifts can make up for mistakes or lack of attention, but in all reality, they can’t. All women really want is love, attention and to be appreciated.

There is no price tag on giving someone your heart.



Every girl just wants mean something to someone, to feel a burning passion of love. She wants to give her love and receive it back. She doesn’t want to be bought and surrounded by meaningless gifts, she wants to enfolded in your arms and have you reciprocate the nice things she does for you.

Money can’t help you solve your problems together, money can’t wipe away your tears and money can’t build a solid, happy relationship, BUT TRUE LOVE CAN AND IT ALWAYS DOES. 

 A woman can always tell if a man loves her by how much time he’s willing to invest. 

Money spent is meaning less, but time spent is priceless. 😍



Buying gifts to our girlfriend have different meanings:

  1. We love to make them happy.  When we give something for our girlfriend its because we want to let them feel how special they are and its more than just about giving its about showing how much we really care, love and appreciate them in our life.

2. We like to see the smile and glow on her face and its the most beautiful and precious things in the world.

3.  Money is not important and it can’t buy true happiness.

4. I’ll give you an example : A lot of man really love jewelry but jewelries are mostly for woman. Seeing a beautiful necklace or a diamond ring to the woman you love or to your beautiful girlfriend. It’s the most wonderful thing you could ever see.

For different reasons:

1. Real happiness is very contagious when you will see the woman of your life happy and smiling.

2. We are not doing this for ourselves. Making them happy makes us happy.

3. So woman! Don’t think when we are buying things for you we want to overcome the love that is missing. Sincerely loving you makes our love grow and balance at the same time. In fact it make us both happy in different aspects of life.

4. We are working so hard and it’s a big  pleasure and joy for us to make you happy.

 5. I will repeat again the precious smile of your girlfriend means more all the money in world.


  1. Girls chasing money than love . It will never be a pleasure for us to buy you things when you ask for it.

2. We need to see the real happiness and the surprise in your eyes. When we will realized that you are here just because of what we have and not for the love we could give to you. This relationship will directly stop because money without love is like a child without dreams.

3. Stop being so materialistic kind of girl. Set realistic expectations for your relationships because someday you will be old and married with kids and bored of each other, so you might as well make it worth it. You can have all the amazing luxurious things in the world, but if you don’t have a strong foundation of relationship at the end of the day, you’ve got nothing.

Raise your standards, ladies. Laziness is inexcusable. There’s nothing more sexier than a confident, loving, caring, honest, independent, successful woman who could truly take good care of us for the rest of our life. 

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