​”Making your dreams come true” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

You don’t know how proud I am for you 

Everyday is a beautiful weather when I see you shine

Not only me but also your parents were happy for you

Loving & supporting you is a great sign

If I could see you now

I’ll grab your cheeks & kiss you endlessly

Someday we will exchange our vows

I’ll grab your hands & explore our greatest fantasy

Expensive things doesn’t attract me 

Beautiful souls is more attractive and inspiring 

Material things doesn’t affect me 

Sincere heart is more better than faking and lying

When you try your best but you fail 

Your patience maybe tested like a slow snail

I will help you realized its okay to fall apart 

Time would come you’ll reach your destination  without drifting apart 

The way you see uncommon horizon is differently 

I will teach you learning from your mistakes is courageously

Open your door with new opportunities

Because you may not know you’re already building properties

I would love you through your ups and down

I will not leave you in a exchange for a crown

After you have done for me it is ever enough

Even you may feel life sometimes be rough 

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