“Tree of hopes and dreams” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Early in the morning on my way going for work I saw a man climbing a tree. The source of his living is through that coconut tree. Every morning he will take risk of his life just to climb different kinds of trees everyday to make Coconut Wine  also known as “Tuba” – Native Drink here in the Philippines. I began to think deeply that everyone has its own life.

Everyone have been through a lot of struggles and trials in life. If you ever think how unlucky or unworthy you are try to observe your surroundings. Try to appreciate all the things you have because for you it maybe simple or small things but for the others it is already a big thing. A simple smile could make someone happy. A simple help could make someone grateful. A simple kindness could make someone feel blessed.


Try to think  and thank all the blessings you have in life. You have your own job it maybe in a  prestigious or in a small company but you are still blessed. You could buy your own foods and you could eat three times a day. Some people out their are starving and some can only eat one meal per day and they are already happy. You have a good shelter and home. You have  your own house or you could afford to rent an apartment.

Overall realization we may think that our life is not worth living. Think twice before you say that. Because you don’t know how lucky you are. Life may be not so easy it may  be hard sometimes but don’t give up. Its like climbing a tree of hopes and dreams.  You may feel down sometimes but don’t worry in the end you will reach your goals in life. You will achieve your dreams. As of this moment you may probably still taking small steps don’t worry it would mold you and enhance you to become a better person. In every challenges you were facing right now don’t give up because it would make you stronger. Always think positive don’t lose hope because in the end of your long journey you will be successful. It takes time and don’t rush things right away because the best is yet to come. If the door closes another door will open. Endless great opportunities will come along your way.

8 thoughts on ““Tree of hopes and dreams” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. True. If we’ll just take time to consider, we will notice that we have so much to be thankful for in life. Not everything in life comes for free, for some (like you’ve illustrated) you would have to risk everything in order to get. Living in the side of the world where life is truly hard, it should be easier to find gratefulness – gratefulness from both, the lucky rich and the less – fortunate.
    Nice post, Marie!

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