“You deserve to be loved” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

You deserve someone that makes you feel like you are loved. Someone that makes you smile without any effort. Someone that doesn’t forget to message or call you — not someone whose attention you have to repeatedly beg for.

You deserve someone that always makes time for you, no matter how busy he is. Someone who would remind you to take care and eat healthy foods . Someone who would take good care of you when you are so sick and reminds you drink your medicine.
You deserve someone that sends you a link from Facebook or Youtube when he saw something funny videos or sweet songs, because he wants you to see it, too.

You deserve someone that randomly surprises you. Someone that makes an effort and is not just all talk. Someone that wouldn’t make you feel like you’re only in his life for him to learn more about women so that his next relationship will be better than yours.

You deserve someone that remembers and appreciates little things about you— not someone that says, “Those are just small things. What’s the big deal?” Someone that truly cares about you and asks you every single day how work went. Someone that you can hold onto when times get rough. Someone that tells you what is right instead of telling you the things that you want to hear.

You deserve someone that loves every bit of you – all of your flaws, all your imperfections. Someone that has seen you at your worst and still sticks by you. Someone that makes you feel like you’re not an option, but one of his priorities. Someone that loves you unconditionally, no matter what problems the universe has thrown at you.

You deserve someone that makes you feel like you matter. Someone that you can get excited with about the future, because you see each other in it. Someone that makes you look forward to what life has yet to offer.

Because we all deserve to feel that kind of love and happiness. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you deserve to have someone that truly gives you true love. Someone that won’t leave you and who’s afraid of losing you.

You deserve someone that makes you experience pure bliss.
I hope  you will find that special someone who gives you that kind of love. Someday. Somehow.

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