“Patag Mountain Resort” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Bonjour everyone! Its me again your Amazon Warrior – Travel Blogger. I’m back for new travel adventures. Let’s now travel to Patag Mountain Resort in Silay City.
Patag is a village in Silay City that is popularly known as the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during the second world war. From Patag, the Japanese had a vantage point to see the Guimaras Strait and the lowlands.  Several vintage bombs, ammunitions, weapons and skeletal remains of the soldiers were discovered in Patag many years after the war.
Going to Patag is not that easy because you will really need to take a lot of time to travel in order to reach your destination on the top of the  mountain. But the good part of this you will witness the beautiful green landscape of Mother Nature. You will feel relaxed and adventurous at the same time. Before going to resort the car cannot go inside because you have to walk for at least  15 to 25 minutes. Along the way you will encounter a lot of humps and rocky road. Prepare yourself for trekking its really a great experience and I love it so much. Trekking is more rigorous, and a more challenging activity. It tests one’s physical ability, endurance, and even our mental or psychological capacity.
In the picture shown that’s my dad walking while taking pictures of different chickens. haha! By the way my parents were also great travelers and they are like me who also love great adventures.
The weather is not really good during that time we visit because rain welcome us along the journey. Make sure to wear shoes instead of slippers in order to protect your feet from pointed rocks or chocolate mud. hehe!
We are finally here in the resort and look how beautiful rain showered us with blessings. I love this photo one of my favorite.
Look how wonderful the Mother Nature is I love this place its beautiful. I admit I’m a nature lover that’s why I really appreciate this private resort in Patag.
They also have swimming pools were in you could enjoy with your family and friends.
Thank you so much for reading my blog I hope to see you again for my next travel adventures. Have a good day everyone and if you want to see more travel photos I have you can follow in my Instagram Account “@Bepamazonwarrior7”

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