​”Maybe this time its over” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

After the things you’ve done

After all the painful scars you left inside her heart

After you say goodbye without good explanation

After you hurt her  innocent feelings

After you hurt the girl of your life

After you give up and left her hanging

You want her back to your life

You want her to love you again

You want her to stay by your side

You want to play with her heart again

You want to be happy again

You want to talked to her again

You want to say your deepest sorry to her

You want to bring back the time when your still calling her “Babe”

Maybe it sounds crazy but you miss her

Maybe its too late because she already move on

Maybe you can’t bring the past anymore

Maybe she’s afraid to give you a second chance

Maybe she’s too dumb to accept your love

Maybe she’s afraid to hurt herself again

Maybe she’s afraid to be the second choice

Maybe she have trust issue with you

Maybe she’s tried of crying


If only you fight for her

If only you care about her feelings

If only you honestly love her from the start

If only you say those words she wants to hear long time ago

If only you knew how heavy her heart

If only you knew how to carry a thousands hallow blocks stuck inside her soul

If only she’s not the only one

If only you trust her

If only you are loyal to her

If only you take good care of her precious heart

Maybe this time its still you and her

Maybe this time your the one she’s calling “Babe”

Maybe this time you always received sweet messages every morning & goodnight kisses from her

Maybe this time she’s your favorite girlfriend

Maybe this time  she’s holding your hands so tight

Maybe this time she’s gazing to your eyes

Maybe this time she sing or dance with you

Maybe this time she hug or kiss you

Maybe this time its already over

She never thought of this before that you will come back to her life

It only reminds you  to regret a very special girl in your life
Your heart is bleeding

Because you take for granted her in your life

But you can’t bring her back

Because she’s already happy with someone else who can treat her better

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