“10 Sweet Travel Adventures with your Partner” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Bonjour! Everyone its me again your Amazon Warrior – Travel Blogger. I’ll be posting about Amazing Travel Adventures   because one of my Travel Blogger Friend- Princess requested for this one. So let’s get started as I bring you to the world full of adventures.

1. Explore beautiful white beaches together

The beach is a amazing place to spend time with your sweet boyfriend or girlfriend. There are so many things to do in the sun together. You could make sandcastles or write each others’ names in the sand with pictures. You could sunbathe and rub sun screen onto each other. Lie back and read a book, or perhaps read poetry to each other. You could write your own poetry for your partner.

If you don’t want to stay still, you could go for a walk along the beach or pier. Then there’s swimming in the sea, body boarding, kite surfing, surfing and even sea kayaking. There is a great way to play with your partner in the sea while throwing water with each other which bounces you the beautiful waves. Great fun for throwing and catching games with your boyfriend or girlfriend at the beach.


On the shoreline, you can go watching the sunset view with your boyfriend or girlfriend holding hands.  When you get tired, stop for an ice cream and take a lot of pictures together.

2. Theme Parks, Fun Fairs and Amusement Arcades

Theme parks are a great way to share thrilling experiences together. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend can scream your heads off on the fastest rides. If you aren’t up for too many thrills, then there are plenty of more sedate rides. Look for a Tunnel of Love!


Great experience to walk arm in his/her arm, share fries or cotton candy, and enjoy a fun fair or amusements. You can even try to win your loved one a huge teddy. It’s so cute and amazing!


3. Water Parks and Flumes

Water parks are a fantastic way to have fun together outdoors in the summer sun. You can share the thrill of the flumes and rides, and discover whether you like them or not. They are a good way to get closer, as you can find out whether your partner is a thrill-seeker or scared. You can then choose whether to get more adventurous or to give them a bit of emotional support.


4. Hiking and Walking in the Woods or on the Beach

Hiking or just going for a walk can be very therapeutic. You can walk arm in arm exploring the countryside, and hopefully find a quiet spot to enjoy the scenery. It depends on where you are. If you live near the beach, you could go for a walk along the sand, paddle in the sea, or walk along the pier.



5. Picnics

One of the nice things to do for your boyfriend or girlfriend is to put together a picnic and find a lovely spot to sit with your girlfriend or boyfriend by a river or in a park under a tree. You can spend hours eating, and laying in the sun. You can read stories and poetry to each other, and even write poetry just for the one you love.


6. Boating

You could take your boyfriend or girlfriend for a relaxing day outdoors on a boating lake. Perhaps there is a canal near you where you can hire a rowing boat, pedalo or punt. For the more adventurous of you, hire a kayak. Make sure you know how well your boyfriend or girlfriend can swim in case of emergencies. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you could go sailing.


7. Stargazing

Looking up at the stars together is so romantic. If you can find a place away from streetlights, such as a campsite or the beach, you will be able to see the stars much better. You may see a shooting star or even be able to spot satellites. Remember to wrap up warm though. You can talk about all sorts of things.


8. Go fishing or rock pool exploring

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are looking for things to do on the beach together, you may have fun catching crabs, or use a net to catch fish and shrimps in rock pools. Watch out for the incoming tide!


9. Watch the sunset together

Grab yourself some food and drink and go out into the countyside or to the beach together. Find somewhere with a view. Put your rug down on the ground and talk while watching the sunset. If you are allowed to stay out when it’s dark, you could lay back and gaze up at the stars.

Something fun to do in the evenings along with watching the sunset with your boyfriend or girlfriend is lighting Chinese lanterns and letting them float into the sky. You do have to watch out for any local regulations regarding the use of Chinese lanterns though.




10. Kite Flying

Power kites are fantastic fun and are strong enough to lift you off the ground. You could spend the day in the park or on the beach with your boyfriend or girlfriend flying your kite. Depending on your kite this could be relaxing, thrilling and definitely fun! If you are up for some adventure, get yourself a power kite and see which way the wind blows you.


If you are looking for some adventurous things to do outdoors with your boyfriend or girlfriend, these ideas will enable you to enjoy your time together whilst doing something fun.

You are so in love, but don’t want to hang around the house making out if your brother or sister will get in the way. What you need are some ideas of things to do outside with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and some places to go to spend time together. To help you out, here are lots of ideas for fun things to do with your partner that are free or relatively cheap.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like. Have a good day!

7 thoughts on ““10 Sweet Travel Adventures with your Partner” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. nice collection of thoughts and proposals. I have just discovered an welknown City with my love. Strolling through the streets, sitewatching the cathederal and churches, watching the musicians and enjoying their rhythms Swinging together, kissing together, in the bars and streets life in full swing….

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