​”Worst Nightmare of your attitude” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

I felt so scared 

I witness how you get mad

I thought its beautiful but it’s so hard

I can’t talk & I’m so sad

I can hear hurtful words

I can see your true colors

You ripped her heart with bleeding swords

I know she can’t hide her deepest sorrows

I see her trembling hands with rosy teary eyes

I can feel the pain in her chest

You crumpled your words full of lies

You love to attack heavy words into mess

You want to be treated like a boss

Your bad attitude is so gross

Your biggest frustratation is worst

Your pathetic heart always burst

Your evil laugh is like a nightmare

Your worst  attitude is like a blizzard

You made her into a beautiful disaster

You break her innocent ego, heart and soul 

You don’t treat her right like she’s a trash in your life

You don’t have the right to be rude

I want to punch your sarcastic face

You don’t have to stab her heart thousand times

You should let her go away from your aching soul and parasitical ego

Please let her fly like a free bird

You could never buy a time machine

In the end you will regret you left her hanging out of blue 

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