“Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview & Tips” by Jonin Marie Gargoles 

Bonjour Everyone! Its me again your Amazon Warrior Travel Blogger!!! Many friends of mine were asking about my journey applying for Qatar Airways Cabin Crew. I will give you some tips and advice what are the different stages in order for you to be well prepared & qualified. Actually its a 2 days process so you need to prepare yourself a lot.

Stage 1 – August 20,2016 (Saturday) OPEN DAY! WALK IN INTERVIEW!

As we all knew Qatar Airways have an online application for the Cabin Crew. You must always be prepared for that because its a big advantage for you if you’ll apply online before walking in. When you completed all the requirements through online Qatar Airways Career will send directly to your email for your “Application ID Number”. You are confirmed to apply for the Open Day. My tip for you kindly attached your “APPLICATION ID NUMBER” on the top of your resume in order for them to see that you’ve applied online!

Okay! Let’s go now what happened on that day. The open day application starts at 9AM in
Radisson Blu Hotel. Its great if you are early around 8:30AM or 8:00AM in the function hall. You must be punctual, well dress in Corporate Attire please don’t wear like casual or sexy attire, grooming is also important (your hair must be tied up & natural make -up with Red or Maroon Lipstick). Make sure you only wearing watch in your hand and nothing more. For your nails I preferred not to use bright or dark colors … You can go for neutral colors like French Tip or Nude Brown.

Almost 3,000 aspiring candidates applied during that day. Actually its a nerve breaking to see beautiful ladies around you. And this is my first time applying for Cabin Crew. I heard a lot of my companions already applied for 2nd or 3rd time. Its better to make new friends . Don’t be shy to asked what happened  last time they applied. Through that it could give you more great ideas what to do or not to do. Always expect many candidates during that day I have some friends came from Korea, Manila, Palawan, Cebu, Iligan, Batangas, Davao and many more. As one of the candidates I can’t help myself to be so nervous while watching the endless falling in line of different beautiful & sexy ladies near beside me. I came in the hotel around 8:30AM in the function hall.

I gave all of my requirements:

– CV or Resume

– Passport Picture (Light blue background)

– 4R (Full body – Light blue background)

– Photocopy of your passport must be colored

(I have my two passport my old and new passport. If your passport is already expired kindly renew it before the Open Day)

– Diploma Certificate Photocopy

– Transcript of Records Photocopy

The recruiters checked all of my requirements if its complete and then she smile to me. Okay kindly write your name here and please reach that 212CM.
I smiled back  and thank her. After that I proceed near to the wall and remove my shoes to reach that 212CM. Thank God I reach it. Hehe! You can also practice in your home reaching the 212cm. After that I proceed inside the big function hall and it was filled by beautiful ladies. As I’m finding where to seat I saw a new friend from Korea who turns out became my close friend. Her name is Hyujin Choi and the other friend of mine is April she’s from Manila. April is one of our good friend she’s so friendly and she also shared her past experience applying in Qatar Airways. We exchange different stories like the different kinds of turbulence we experienced inside the airplane and some weird cabin crew life stories.

Stage 2 – Interview One by One

This is the most hardest part because we will be called one by one to enter the room and be interviewed by two former flight attendants of Qatar Airways. The beautiful lady who interviewed me is “Karen” she’s so pretty, sweet & kind. As I entered the room my heartbeat is beating so fast. Karen approached me in a very professional and friendly manner.
Karen gazed on my face and sweetly smiled “Hi! How are you today?”
As I stare her beautiful face I’m so starstruck by this former flight attendant. I pleasantly told her “Good morning! Ma’am I’m fine how about you?”

Karen told “that’s great! I’m good so how do you pronounce your name? Jonin? Okay… Tell me what are you doing now or tell me about your work?”
I confidently told her my  work experiences (Customer Service) in a Five Star Hotel. At first I’m so afraid because she’s not gazing to my face anymore while I’m speaking in front of her. I saw her writing something on my resume. In a while after I finished talking to her she smiled back to me.

Karen sweetly told me “Okay! Jonin! I’ll give you this paper and please don’t let anyone see that when you go out. I’ll see you tomorrow for the next stage.”

As I get the paper on her hands my emotions were mixing. I told her blissfully “thank you so much ma’am”

As I went out the interview room at first my face is so poker because she told me not to tell anyone about that. In my head I’m already screaming “Thank You Lord! I love you so much!!!”
I’m waiting for my Korean friend to go out and secretly whispered on her “Did you received something?”
And she told me “Yes, how about you?”
And I’m so excited to tell her back”yes! Me too!”
While waiting for our another good friend April we tried to asked her if she received a letter but unfortunately she didn’t. Hyujin & I felt so sad for her because she’s the one who’s helping us a lot. She’s beautiful, tall and smart. We comfort and told her not to give up because there are still many opportunities that would come along her way. Before we go home we took plenty of pictures first.

Hyujin & I stayed in Radisson Blu Hotel after that interview. I texted and called my mom, dad and sister that I made to the next stage. They are so happy hearing the good news. Thank you so much for the prayers of my family and friends. And then later in the afternoon I accompany Hyujin with my father to travel and explore some beautiful destination her in Cebu like Lapu-Lapu Shrine. She had experience riding a jeep & tricycle for the first time. After a short traveling we went back right away in the hotel. We eat our dinner in Kenny Rogers and then practice different kinds of flight attendant interviews and exams. We sleep early for next stage of our journey towards our dreams.

Stage 3 – English & Math Test

In this 3rd stage we saw only few beautiful ladies inside the function hall its like 100 ladies were left out of thousands applicants yesterday. At first we were given sticker name tag with our numbers on it. I’m number 76 while Hyujin in number 77. I think there were two rooms seprated to take the exam. The two recruiters orient us first of what would be the next stage. They also told us there inspiring stories when they are still flight attendants. They remember how it feels like sitting on our seats. The feeling of happiness and nervousness.
We were given 40 minutes to answer different kind of test like vocabulary, grammar, essay and the last part is Math. After that we were given one hour break to wait for the results.
It was soooo thrilling when we came back inside the room. The recruiters told us “okay ladies! Are you nervous? I know this gonna be hard but we have to choose who will remain and proceed for the next stage”

Catherine the Malaysian Recruiter called out many numbers and she told us that the numbers she’ll be calling would go to other room. Almost 50 numbers were called. Almost half of the room were gone. Me and Hyujin feel so sad because our numbers we’re not called. Catherine went back to the room. We are so sad and nervous. BUT WAIIIIT!

Catherine told “I know this is so hard. So what are we going to do now? Go home?  You guys will still remain for the next stage. The numbers I’ve called earlier are the one who will go home. Congratulations! Good luck Ladies & Gentlemen!”

Hyujin and I were so happy and hold each other hands so tightly. It was sooo amazing to passed Stage 3. But we still have many more stages to encounter.

Stage 4 – Height & Reach Test – 212CM

We were called one by one again to enter the other room and we were told to remove our shoes. As I entered the room I warmly greet Ms. Karen & Catherine a beautiful good morning. Thank God I reach the 212cm tiptoed. First you will reach it through your right hand and left hand one by one.

Stage 5 – Skin test

Karen & Catherine will stare at your body from head to toe. I’m so nervous because they are really looking for a flawless and fair skin. They are so strict when it comes to this. Please don’t wear stockings show off your beautiful skin to them.
They will ask you “Do you have any birthmark,scars or tattoo in your body? If you have can please show it to us? ”
Good thing I don’t have thank you Lord. “I don’t have ma’am”

Stage 6 – Vocabulary Test – One Word

For this stage they will asked you random words and you will explain in one or two sentences only. Be creative and straight to the point when you answer.
Some of the examples are like:


-Scuba Diving


You must be creative in expressing your answers.

Stage 7 : Group Dynamics

You will be divided into different groups. After that each group will given a situational analysis and discussed it to others. Be prepared & aware of some situational circumstances that’s happening inside the airplane. On how you could handle those different circumstances whether it is medical emergency or danger.

Stage 8: Orientation, Fill up of Personal Information and Final Interview

Before the final interview they will show a presentation about the background of Qatar Airways. They will discuss everything for you. After that you need to fill up some paper works and then good to go for the one on one final interview.

They will asked you questions so please prepare yourself to answer them directly and straight to the point. They will asked why do you want to become a Cabin Crew? What do you know about the company – Qatar Airways?

After two days they will just give you a call or email you if you’re qualified and you will process all your medical requirements. After that you’re good to go and fly with them! Good luck and God bless!

Alright and that’s the 8 stages!!! Haha! I personally experienced all of these stages for the first time. Its also my first time to apply for the Cabin Crew. I may not be the chosen one but I will never stop from dreaming. This great experience is already my inspiring journey. I did my very own best but I think everything happens for a reason. Thank you so much Qatar Airways for these great inspiration experience you shared to me even it was just my first time to apply. You let me experience these different stages to develop & improve more about myself to become a successful flight attendant someday. I know God have more great opportunities along my way & I will never give up. This serves as a great lesson in my life. As a first timer don’t ever hesitate to achieve your goals in life. Always pray to God for guidance, be confident & be yourself. Take some risks because you never know your so near in the finished line of your dreams. My dear aspiring flight attendants we will make it someday! It maybe not be today but hopefully it will be sooner or later. Just be strong & be brave enough to achieve your dreams & goals in life. Take care & God bless always! Thank you so much for reading my experience. Don’t give up! We can still make until next time! Thank you so much for my family who always there to support and guide me. I offer this great experience to God, Family and Friends. 🙂 I love you all!

31 thoughts on ““Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview & Tips” by Jonin Marie Gargoles 

      1. Hello Jonin! Thank you for sharing your experience 😊 Could you please tell us how did you express those words in 2 sentences? Just want to have some idea. Thank you


  1. Hi Jonin! May I ask kung may mga pumuntang male applicants? I mean this is for female only right? but you mentioned Catherine said after the English and Math test “Congratulations! Good luck Ladies & Gentlemen!”? 🙂 I wanted to try pero hindi pa sila ngrerequire ng male applicants e

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      1. hi again jonin! do you know how those guys applied? did they apply online first? or just walk in? how’s your application by the way? did you make it?


  2. Hi jonin. I applied online and qr invited me for open day but im not sure if they are accepting korean applicants.. you see im holding korean passport. i’m not sure if it’s okay with them.. can you enlighten me ? thanks

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  3. hi nice blog very informative 🙂 sa OD pwede ba walang passport copy at diploma na maibigat then to follow na lang? cv at photos lang muna ang ibigay…thanks

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  4. Hi Jonin. Thank you for these wonderful tips. It’s really a great help to me. I have question thou…what time did the 2nd day (assessment day) started and what time did it finished? Is the Assessment and Final interview are on the same day? Thank you so much. Go Bless

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