“The venom inside your heart” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Would it be so rude to think your partner doesn’t care about you? Would it be so depressing when you no longer hear from them? Would it be so stressful when you suddenly lose your communication with him/her?

When many things start to bother you and lingers in your mind, its like your heart is stained by venom.

Your heart was crumpled and the acid rain inside your soul kills you. You don’t know what just had happened. You were left in the wind with no explanation at all. You were left behind. You can’t puzzle all the broken pieces inside your soul. Your ears were bleeding with all the broken promises. Painful stitches inside your heart really sucks. You’re walking alone the heavy rain and you were struck by the dangerous thunder. You can’t feel your heartbeat pumping. The painful scars tattooed inside your heart. Pointed needle stick inside your veins. White lies sinking inside your boat. You tried to believe all pathetic lies were true.

Little fight is part of the relationship. Jealousy is like a flame that always sparkling. Safe and sound trembling your voice.

Let’s take it from the start at first both of you were so happy and sweet with each other. As time passes by you feel that your love was fading. Your freezing sitting alone in a cafe shop hoping everything would be fine. You feel worthless in the midst of darkness.

Addictive or possessive by some toxic trust issues you’ve experienced. Doing your best to make their heart blush but they only want it to crash. Your selfish heart would probably not so good for you. You deserve the world full of opportunities. You deserve a time that will heal all bruises. You deserve someone worth fighting for. You probably drink thousands of pain killers.


You still love them more everyday even how hard it is. Everyday you might not see each other’s faces but you’re still faithful. You still keep in touch. But the question is if he/she still attached with your heart string? You think you’d rather live in the unknown that’s filled with hope because the only thing stronger than fear is hope. The crime you committed of loving the person who don’t really love you that much. Its like your not crossing the pedestrian lane of love. You across at the dangerous zone. The broken pieces and painful scars were mending. Is it too late to say sorry or it is too late to realized of all things you destroyed? You were stuck inside the traffic cupid. Listening to melodramatic songs dedicated for you. While driving alone you don’t know what to say because your falling to pieces. You want to jump in the tallest building in town.

Please let them know if your tired of loving them. Tell them honestly if they want to stay in your lives life because no one deserves to be left behind. Everyone creates their own future and you are more than the voices in your head at 3 AM.

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