“Prove me wrong” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



I can’t see where I belong

I can’t feel my broken heart

I can’t see stars shining

I can’t breathe deeply

Time is moving so fast

There were plenty of cars, racing

I don’t know where to go

I can feel my cold hands trembling

I saw plenty of strangers gazing

I stare up the stars and wonder

I saw my life drift apart

I feel like I’m the biggest loser of the year

I heard strangers gossiping about my life

I saw my life very useless

I thought all through my life

I could get a dream easily but I’m wrong

I’m just sitting in a café

Trying to find myself to way out

I tried my best to send all my letters

But I’m always late or a failure

I always see myself so badly

I don’t know why

I’m so pressured about life

I’m so hopeless about my situation

I don’t know what journey I should start

My life have been so sad

All this time I found I was lost

I can’t hear my thoughts very well

I feel like going to the different party

I hear myself dancing all throughout the day

I can’t say I’m brave enough

I’ve been into different world but I don’t know where I would thrive

I close my eyes and I feel my love is like a surprise

All this time I heard myself screaming all my thoughts

I didn’t know I was left behind

They say everything happens for a reason

I heard myself always saying sorry

I always see myself crying every time I get scolded

I’m really disappointed about my life right now

I’m just here in the corner

Gazing at people laughing at me

Missing the person I love who is far away

I’m drowning in melancholic music and I can feel it flow in my veins

My heart is as the cold as white snow

I’ll be over here someday

My eyes were tried and sleepy

I can’t even gazed to my pathetic face

When my thoughts collide with the heaven above?

I am the darkness and storm of my story

I’m so voiceless and helpless

Life is ridiculous to be kind

I am the daylight

And I was torn into pieces

I don’t have money

I don’t deserve anything in life

I don’t see myself worth living

My universe suddenly split into two

My horizon, broken

All the stars were bleeding

All the clouds were crying

Back to the time when I was happy to my life

Back to the time when I was shining

Back to the time I was laughing

Back to the time I was playing

All of my scars are healing

All of my bruises are recovering

All of my worries are departing

All of my tears are vanishing

7 thoughts on ““Prove me wrong” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. Well well, a deep Depression, but in the end it goes upwards again, The downward sprial broken, the upward spiral starting again. That is live. We aerent so easily broken, we are Palm trees getting up after the storm. …

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  2. Somehow, this post reminded me of myself back when I was going through a very difficult emotional path. And it had just been over three months of so. I hope that you have been well since then.

    Experiences like these is perfectly explained by “The Tower”, a Major Arcana in a tarot deck. It usually means instability, unforseen changes, and major shake-ups in our lives. But, in the overall scheme of things, it is a phase that we have to go through in our lives. We will then see “The World.”

    Hang in there, alright?

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      1. And blessed be to you as well. 🙂

        This is some of the moments in our lives when, however difficult or excruciating things may be, we need to convince ourselves to ride with the waves of uncertainties. We need to let time do its own work and trust that the Divine lead us to the inner peace we have been so searching.


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