​”Happiness must reflect to Goodness” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


If people laugh at you

Don’t be affected!

Because these people are immature

They dare to insult you

Just don’t mind it!

If they’re getting into your nerves

Just smile and enjoy life!

If their pride were so high

In reality they are brainless unlike you!

If they gossip some funny things about you

Just pray and relax yourself from them!

This people keep on laughing to you are insane!

If they are happy

So what?!

But there happiness is evil!

Laughing at someone is dreadful

If they put there selves in your position

They will realized how painful it was in your part

They are people who love to make gossip

But in the end all the evil laugh they made will come back to them

This people would never be successful

Because they hurt you

Without saying the magic word “I’m so sorry”

They will be curse to hell after your sufferings

Just pray for their soul and heart to be soften

They must look their reflection in the mirror

Before destroying the name of others
Just remember this …

“You’re extraordinary talents will overflow until the end. Contradicting people will never know your true feelings inside and out. Just be good. Just pray for them. In the end they will regret all the things they have done to you.Smile always & suffer silently.”

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