“21 Wishes of a Travel Blogger” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



They say be careful for what you wish for. Can I ask you something what’s your secret wish you really want to achieve? Wishes are like stars. Wanna know why? Billions of stars were blinking at you every time you gaze them and sometimes it’s difficult to reach. But wait we must not lose hope. The dreams worth chasing are often the ones that scare you most.

Hello! Everyone! It’s me again your Amazon Warrior Blogger (wink2). I’m gonna be telling you about 21 wishes of a Travel Bloggers because I’m turning 21 now this upcoming July 15,2016 (oh! NO! I’m becoming old now). Ahaha! So guys let’s now get started.

1. DSLR Camera

Everyone wants to have DSLR Camera (like me I would like to raise up my 2 hands for this!). Wanna know why? DSLR camera is not just an ordinary camera all I can say it’s a Magnificent and Extraordinary (oh come on!). It can capture beautiful pictures. The beautiful lens can focus your subject. Lucky are those people who already have DSLR cameras so please don’t take it for granted. I sometimes borrowed DSLR camera from friends and it really helps me a lot of my photography skills. So if you have a good heart please give me this gift. Please? (Haha! I’m just kidding folks)


Benefits :

  • Better image quality. A DSLR camera typically has a much bigger sensor than a point and shoot camera – a point and shoot typically has a sensor area that is only about 3-5% of a full frame DSLR sensor. Having a big sensor helps to get images that have much less noise (noise is the grain you typically see in a picture) and much better overall image quality.
  • Better sensitivity to light. Less noise means that you can work in very dim environments and capture photographs that you would never be able to with a point and shoot camera.
  • Shutter and focus speeds. DSLRs can acquire focus very quickly and take multiple shots per second. Professional DSLRs are capable of capturing up to 10 frames per second. All professional action and sports photography is done with SLRs.
  • You see what you shoot. A DSLR is constructed with reflex mirrors, which means that you look through the lens, instead of a see-through hole in the camera.
  • Flexible Controls. DSLRs are not necessarily created for “simplicity” as most point and shoots are. So, you will typically find a lot more buttons and controls on a DSLR than on a point and shoot. Once you learn how to use those controls, you can quickly change settings, if necessary.
  • Better investment. Generally, DSLR cameras hold their values much better than point and shoots. Although no digital camera can be considered a good investment, chances of selling your DSLR at a reasonably good price are much higher than even a slightly used point and shoot camera. Our Nikon D80 that we first bought was sold for about 10% less than what we bought it for after a year of moderate use.
  • Ability to use different lenses. There is a big array of lenses that can be mounted and used on DSLRs, from super wide angle to telephoto, depending on your needs. My husband uses long telephoto lenses such as theNikon 300mm f/4.0 for his bird photography, while I primarily shoot with portrait lenses such as the Nikon 50mm f/1.4. On point and shoots, you are limited to the “optical zoom” of the camera lens. DSLR lenses are also much better optically compared to lenses in point and shoot cameras.
  • Full control over depth of field. You are fully in charge of isolating foreground from background or bring everything in focus through aperture control of the lens. Some portrait and telephoto lenses can really isolate your subjects and create a creamy and beautiful background blur, also known as “bokeh“.
  • Weather sealing. Forget about using a point and shoot in challenging weather conditions. While point and shoot cameras are only suited for normal use, higher-end DSLRs can withstand dust, moisture, rain and snow and severely cold weather. My husband often shoots landscapes in subzero temperatures with his DSLR and he has never had a problem with it.
  • Solid construction. DSLRs are built to last. While there are some parts that are made of tough plastic, the professional DSLRs are made of magnesium-alloy and can take a lot of physical abuse, while point and shoots would quickly break down.


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2. Go Pro Camera


I must admit this is the most handy & accessible camera of all. (I wanna scream like “Can you give me this on my birthday please because I will be the happiest kid alive!!! I really need this for my next travel – Extreme Adventures! Huhu) It’s so beautiful and amazing! You can have this underwater, up in the sky or any kind of travel adventure.  GoPro Cameras are small, portable cameras that are specifically designed for sports and other similar extreme activities where every single second recording is valuable. Unlike any normal camera, Go Pro HD allows you to capture the entirety of your activity and not just the selected or few “posed moments”.  It has a long battery life capable of recording continuously 2.5 hours of that exciting and fun-packed once-in-a-lifetime moment. It also has room for a 32GB SD card making it capable for taking and storing tons of footage in one go.




Benefits : GoPro Cameras is that they come in a variety of designs and are ideal in extremely rough activities like surfing, water-skiing, bungee jumping, among others, and they can give you unsurpassed quality images. For example, you can simply fasten it to yourself as you ski or surf and you don’t have to worry about pressing a shutter every now and then to take those pictures.



3. Cheap Plane tickets



Do you wanna travel the whole world? Do you? (! Yes of course! Why would you ask me? Isn’t it obvious? But damn it! why plane tickets are sooo expensive. Why oh why?!?!?!) Yes! Let’s admit that being a Travel Blogger it requires you to explore and explore anywhere in this world. But if you don’t have money to buy an expensive plane tickets its very useless. I’ve heard a lot about “Piso Fair in Cebu Pacific Airlines” Yes I would love to purchase that also but it also depends on Promo Dates! How I wish we always do have a Promo Rates like Piso Fair. I’ll be purchasing it instantly and I probably can say “Okay today I’ll be going to Germany, tomorrow in France , next week probably in USA and then next month in Canada”. (Ugh! How I really wish I can purchase cheapest plane tickets all the time. Do you feel what I’m feeling? Hehe!)


4. Multi Linguistic



Learning different languages is really damn crazy but it is really fun. I do love to learn different languages because guess what…. I’m living in a country full of different languages from different provinces. Actually here in the Philippines we do have more than 30 local languages… Isn’t it crazy? Ahaha! I’m from Victorias City and our Native language is Illonggo when I had my OJT training in Cebu I learn how to adjust in their language because its Cebuano. Ahaha! But I love to learn many foreign languages in fact when I was still High School I’m learning how to speak Chinese Mandarin, Japanese ( We do have a Japanese class before), Korean (I’m actually a K-pop and J-Pop Fan before and I can sing also in there languages. Ahahaha! I’m a weird kiddo during that time because its my passion. I also do have a bunch of different dictionaries in my room. I also know how to speak Spanish (I went to Spain and Portugal). I can also speak German (I love Germany and fortunately I do have a German Class when I was already in college). I’m also fluent in Speaking & Writing in English. Overall I know how to speak 9 different languages. Ahaha!

Chinese Mandarin

Benefits: Being multi-linguistic is very good for the brain. New studies are showing that a multilingual brain is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia longer.

Languages signpost including English, French, Chinese, Dutch.jpg


5. Amazing Sunglasses



Sunglasses are very essential every time we travel. Sunglasses are great protection from our eyes most especially if you live in a Tropical Country like me here in the Philippines. Ahaha! (Some of my friends actually send gifts of sunglasses to me during my birthday… But you can add more to my collection if you give me some… Haha. Just kidding! BTW thanks to my sister who gave an advance gift to me a sunglasses and brown hat)

Benefits :
1. Skin Cancer
Up to 10 percent of all skin cancers are found on the eyelid.

2. Cataracts
The World Health Organization reports that, worldwide, approximately 900,000 people are blind because of cataracts—cloudiness in the lens of the eye—triggered by UV exposure.

3. Macular Degeneration
Over time UV light may play a role in damaging the macula lutea (an area of the eye with millions of light-sensing cells, which allow us to see fine details clearly), potentially leading to blurriness and vision loss.

4. Pterygium
This abnormal growth of tissue—also called surfer’s eye—may progress slowly from either corner across the white part of the eye, possibly leading to inflammation or disturbance of vision.

5. Photokeratitis
Essentially a sunburn of the eye, it’s temporary (healing within 48 hours) but can be painful, causing blurred vision, light sensitivity, and the sensation of having sand in your eye.

Read more:

6. Fashionable Hats


I actually have different kinds of hats as my collection. Every time I travel to different places I’m always buying a hat with me. I don’t know why I just love too. If you put a hat as your accessories it adds color to your photos. It always gives you somewhat an emotion to strike a pose. (Am a right? Ahaha!) I’m just a hat lover. I don’t know why. Ahaha!


7. Fashionable clothes


Clothes are very important. You as a blogger should know how to play or blend your clothes every time you travel most especially us always have to “Travel Light”. Yeah I know it sucks! You want to put your entire beautiful closet inside your luggage but you can’t! Each time you travel you need to choose the perfect pair or your clothes. We wish to buy a lot of fashionable clothes along our journey. But again we must not also return to our country over baggage. Haha!


8. Beautiful travel make-up kit and skin products (for the girls only I’m sorry I really don’t about the boy’s thing. Ahahaha! Pardon me folks)


As we grow older we have to protect our skin. I’m not saying girls will always wear a make up like a super model. What I’m saying it is important to wear a natural look make up to enhance your beauty. You don’t want to see your oily faces all of your travel photos right? That’s why we need to take good care of our skin and body.


9. Travel Buddy


Everyone wants to have a person who you can be with. That person can be your bestfriend, Boyfriend /Girlfriend or a Family member. I actually want to travel with my future boyfriend and explore different beautiful destination in the world. But don’t worry guys we will meet very soon hopefully in right time and right place  (I will post our Travel Adventures here in my blog so that you will also meet my future handsome boyfriend). AsAs of this moment I travel most of the time with my best friends and also with whole family.

Benefits :

  1. Things can be cheaper when you travel with someone. Sharing the costs (cab fare, meals, accommodation, renting a car, private tours etc.) means you pay less.
  2. Someone to serve as your wing(wo)man during a night out.
  3. Someone to take care of you in case you get sick. During one of my overseas trips, I saw a guy taking care of his sick travel buddy and I thought it was nice of him to do so. Imagine getting sick while travelling alone and you are so weak you couldn’t even get up to buy your own medicine or get your own food.
  4. Someone to do silly poses with (because doing them with someone makes the situation look less crazy, and when there are two foreigners doing crazy poses, it’s easier to convince people that it’s just your country’s tradition).
  5. When your reliable and trustworthy travel buddy is the one taking your solo shots, it means that a) you don’t need to use a tripod or ask a stranger to take your photo, therefore, less worry about your camera getting stolen; b) you won’t be shy to ask for retakes just to get the exact framing you want, therefore ensuring that your face isn’t blurred, your head doesn’t get cut-off and that the whole (not half) of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (or any other iconic structure) is well-framed.


10. Travel Sponsors

Being a Travel Blogger we would always wish to have a Travel Sponsors. Who were so kind to let us travel and explore different places with pay.

Benefits :

Company exposure
Get your business in front of a wide audience of the influential travel industry insiders, including travel bloggers, journalists, startups, and established companies, through:

  • Building personal relationships and meaningful connections with our attendees.
  • Incorporation of your company logo across all promotional materials and social media channels, including:
    • Event Invitation
    • Mention on Travel Massive Facebook Page & Twitter



11. To dine in a very prestigious restaurant for free

Being a blogger we would also like to feature the different beautiful restaurants in our blog. Some prestigious restaurants were very generous.

Benefits :

Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. In recent years, corporate sponsorship has become the fastest growing type of marketing in the United States.

Part of this growth can be attributed to the increasing numbers of small and medium-sized businesses involved. Previously, only large businesses could afford to sponsor cause marketing, for instance, as a way of boosting profits as well as establishing goodwill.



12. Big amount of memory card to your phone, camera, laptop, and many more.

Let’s all admit we badly needed a very big amount of memory card because for us every photos were precious and it’s hard for us to delete them (Am I right? Ahaha).


13. To stay in a five star Hotel for free



I’ve been working to a Five Star hotel before and I think it’s pretty amazing to stay in the hotel for free. All you need to do is to featured them in your blog.


14. To eat different native foods of each different countries



I’ve been to five different countries and I tried to eat their native food it’s delicious and somewhat mysterious to my taste buds. Ahaha! But I want taste more and compare all the foods of the different countries. I would always compare that Asian Foods is very far from European Foods. I cannot live without eating rice (but guess what? I made it! ahaha) When I traveled to Europe most all of time they would just eat bread and other European Foods.



15. To take pictures with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend in Paris. Most precisely near the Eiffel tower!



Isn’t it obvious? My Blog theme is about Paris!!! I really wanna go to Paris. For me it’s the most romantic and beautiful place to visit! I’m so excited for that beautiful day only the two of you were just having a very romantic day in Paris. I would be the happiest woman alive for that day to come. It’s so sweet to see couples taking pictures in the Paris and some I saw my friends in Facebook Wedding Proposal in the Paris! (OMG! That’s so sweet and amazing!)

16. Try some extreme travel adventure with your special someone


I would definitely say yes for adventure. Come on! Let’s go for Sky Diving, Cliff Jumping, Swimming with the shark, and many more. It’s so awesome to try something new extreme adventures with your boyfriend/girlfriend. (Try first to ask your partner if they are willing take some dangerous risk to be with you for that adventure). It’s a great bonding and also it’s the most unforgettable memories you will surely treasure forever in your life.

17. Try to attend different festivals around the world

Who wants to go festival? Festival? Me I want to go to the Festival!!! I’ve been attending different festival but I want to experience more festival because through that you will learn what’s there culture and traditions! Hehehe! My dream is to experience attending festival in Brazil!!! or try to party in Tomorrowland!!!



18. Buy a lot of souvenirs in different countries

Buying a souvenir in a particular country would always be very hard for us to choose right? But me I usually buy a HAT in every country I visited. It always remind me every time I where that hat the memories I had experience during my travel. It’s up to you to decide what particular thing you usually buy for your souvenirs (Is it keychain? Is it wallet? Is it T-shirts?). As long you also buy something memorable to yourself. Yes you can buy a lot of souvenirs for your family and friends but you should also bring something for yourself.


19. To published a book

Being a writer it’s a dream come true when you have published your own book. It’s like you’re flying in the sky and your feeling can’t be explained. I’m a word warrior that’s why I want to inspire more people through my writings.


20. To be a citizen in a different countries

Staying in a particular country for more than a year is such a great thing because you will discover different opportunities and lifestyle. I wish to become an American Citizen hopefully someday and to make my dreams come true.


21. To go for international pilgrimage

I tried attending an International Pilgrimage before like World Youth Day. I want to experience a very deeply spiritual faith with God and also to with different Christians around the world.



That’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading my 21 Wishes. If you guys have more suggestions don’t forget to comment down below and follow me on my Instagram Account – (Bepamazonwarrior7). See you guys again to my next adventure. God bless everyone




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