Long Distance

“Different Time Zone” by Jonin Marie Gargoles



Chasing rainbows outside my room

Beautiful Daylight mesmerized my eyes

Falling stars blinking outside your room

Stunning Moonlight captured your eyes

Emotional songs drifting my soul

While listening to the music you like

Passionate songs blending our soul

While paying to the music we like

Timeless conversation is aching

Listening to your sweet voice

Bright crystal eyes are bleeding

Dancing under the stars of noise

Into the silent night I sleep

Countless hours of praying

Into the busy day you flip

Endless time of sharing

I’m eating breakfast while gazing the beautiful sky

Thousand miles separates us

You’re eating dinner while staring amazing stars

Thousand years strengthen us

Strong faith makes us better

Take a deep breath while walking

Faithfulness really matters

Seized the raindrops while falling

God has a perfect timing

On that day both of us were smiling

Long waits that we’ve been praying

Sweet words and actions were melting


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