“Confusing Roads” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


I tried my best but I made mistakes

I’ve been immune of being excluded

Everybody’s watching and gossiping

Everybody’s waiting and crying

I tried to break some rules

I didn’t mean to hurt some hearts

I never say I quit but I think I should have

But every time I see you Lord

I know everything happens for a reason

You light up the way

You showed me two roads

The first one was a dusty road

I stumbled while walking into the darkness

I can see all the flowers were fading

I can see red eyes glowing into the woods

But Lord you catch me and take me back to your home

The second was a pleasant road

I walked peacefully will holding your hands

Whom shall I fear because you’re with me Lord

How lovely is your dwelling place Lord

Lord I give you my heart

I give you my strength

In every trials I take

I give you my pure soul

I lift up my heart to worship you

Orange sunset view gives me new beginning

The Lord never fails to give new blessings in life

I lay them down to you Lord

Lord I offer my life to you

I know there so many roads along the way

I will take your hand and follow your path

Wishes and Dreams you planned for me

I know its worth to wait by God’s plan

Sunrise makes our morning beautiful

But the word of God strengthens us and makes our lives more meaningful

I smile and rejoice life with you Lord

Flowing from the grace that you’ve shared

You let me fly like an eagle

I will try my best to soar high with you Lord

When I’m afraid I put my trust in you

When the ocean have big waves

I will stay calm and sit by your side Lord

For I know you have a greater plans for me

I will find rest in my soul

I trust you Lord in the midst of thunderstorm

I will be strong to encounter different storms in my life again


4 thoughts on ““Confusing Roads” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. It is the right feeling you have. The Lord not only is important for us, we are also important for the Lord. You call it Lord, I call her Maa, we mean the same principle, the power that is in all, we interact with it, we are the creation and we are part of the creator.

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