“Learning Symphony” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


As you close your eyes you know the candle light inside your brain blinking.

You could runaway thousand miles away from any distraction.

Great opportunities passing by in your sight and can’t choose.

It’s something about the waves you cannot control.

Storm screaming inside your brain cells and you cannot tell.

You tried to drive slowly about the decisions you made.

Let’s take a rest and be calm to realize what’s meant for you.

You know it’s getting hard to decide the path you’ll take.

You’re in a line 20’s were in you have to decide what’s best for you.

Just wear your best dress and shoes as you walk by chasing for your dreams.

One look in the stars you’ve been dreaming.

Stay focused to the lights up because you’re on the way.

Hard decisions may tremble but don’t be afraid.

You can hear at the silence of your heart.

You can feel it in your heartbeat.

Ever since the world began you know the twist of faith in life.

You may traveled on a rocky road but don’t worry smooth road will be on the way.

Hardships may crumpled your heart but don’t worry you’ll be stronger.

All the times you’ve wasted because someone wants to let you down.

You don’t have to be discouraged to keep moving because there would be great things will come by.

You’re waiting in a cold room looking for nothing.

Pointless words you may here but don’t worry compliment words will overflow soon.

Swaying trees were dancing

Blooming flowers were smiling.

Busy cars were running.

Little children were playing.

Confusing worlds were twirling.

Shifting eyes and vanity gazed.

Whispering eyes were glaring.

Enchanting dreams were sparkling.

Escaping from the town as if your pants were on fire.

Familiar Voices were scattered.

Remembering memories hunts you.

Drinking hot coffee while crying.

Gazing raindrops falling outside the window.

Break and burn all the hatred.

Flaming souls were thrown outside the dirty ocean.

Everyone is looking now and I’m surrounded by God’s grace.

Dark night seems so bright because of the shining stars.

All the risk you’re taking will replace.

Bitter Sweet experience will make you a better person.

Work hard and don’t ever lose hope.

Life will give you a brighter future.

God will always give you unexpected blessings.

You cannot please everyone make sure your pleasing God.

No matter where you go

God will always guide in your long journey

Take his hand and don’t be afraid

He will show you the right path and decision

God bless you!


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