“Flamming Souls” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


Walking to the moon alone
Gazing his painful eyes crying
Unfold our timeless friendzone
Ignoring his innocent soul drowning

All he heard from me was nothing
I tried to push him away
My Crisom Knight was chanting
He held my cold hand a stray

Daylight dazzling into my eyes
Moonlight hunting his spirit
He was playing violin in ice
Broken hearts & crying spirit

Flaming words were left unspoken
Sweet words were melted
Stunning dreams were broken
Dreadful promises were created

Different world & culture crushed
If we could hit the ground
Connecting maps & bridges smashed
Only aching hearts were found

Exploding tears were scattered
Chasing cars & bright lights are dancing
Crumpled hearts were battered
Peaceful horizon & colorful rainbow are smiling

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