Long Distance

“Unforeseen Heartbeat” by Jonin Marie Gargoles




Strolling across the road

Gazing people saying Hi

Unexpected person had gone by

His angelic voice struck me

And I don’t know why

The first time we’ve talked

I can’t help but smile

His dazzling white teeth strike me

And I don’t know why

Even we are faraway

Our heart would fly

We wish to say

Please stay and don’t say goodbye

I know it’s hard this long distance

Is killing us but I know someday

We will meet and we will never say goodbye

Talking to you every day

Hoping that you’re here beside me

Your sweet voice always melt my heart

Your crystal brown eyes blazing like a fire

Unforeseen heartbeat suddenly jumping

Broken miles suddenly coating

Innocent soul suddenly screaming

Time Zone will never feel as apart

As long our heart and soul were glued to each other




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