“Determine your FAKE & TRUE FRIENDS” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


I dedicated this blog post for those FAKE & TRUE friends I’ve encountered along my life journey.

I’m not afraid to spread my big love for those Fake Friends I have because of you guys you made me more stronger!
I always appreciate our artificial memories &  pretentious benevolence.
You guys were great pretenders!
Where did you buy that wicked mask you wear?
How cool & pathetic you are!
Let’s give them around of applause and a bouquet of black roses. ahahaha!


I would like  to say my biggest gratitude  for those True Friends I have you guys were pretty amazing & awesome!
Genuine Memories we had were like precious stones hard to find but will forever treasured and remain in our hearts.
During my darkest & blazing days you guys were always there to support & love me.

I’m a word warrior that’s why mark my words.
Be careful to deal with an amazon writer I may write splendid words and  pointed words that will hit your hearts & souls.
Allow me guys to express my life experiences and how you can deal with your Precious Friendship and Trash Friendship.
If your soul was hit by scorching fire full guilt … Well this blog post if for you. Don’t skip every words I made.
It will imprint it to your memory forever.
Conscience will hunt you over and over again.
You will never regret to have a Word Warrior Friend.
I know everyone of you had experience being betrayed by your friends … Right?
That’s life! Come on!
Friends may come and go!
So let’s now get started …



-FAKE Friends – I only NEED you when I need something from you and after that I will just ignore you.

-REAL Friends – I NEED you to stay by my side even I didn’t tell you to do so. Even the hardest or happiest part of your life your REAL friends will always comfort & listen.



-REAL FRIENDS – You’re birthday will be forever in their hearts. They will never forget to greet you and give big surprises.

-Fake FRIENDS – They forget your birthday and other important dates. They don’t care about your birthday or any special occasions in your life.
They have never asked about your family and you have never shared any details of your family with them.



– REAL FRIENDS – You can laugh together until you both have tears running down your face. Both of you don’t care if many people were watching you.

– FAKE FRIENDS – You laugh and have fun but it’s not feel good, belly aching laughter.



– REAL FRIENDS – You can sit in silence together and still feel comfortable.

– FAKE FRIENDS – Any silences between you are awkward and you feel the need to fill them with conversation.



– REAL FRIENDS – They will offer their unfailing support no matter what you try to do, even if they don’t agree with your choices they will support you in them.

– FAKE FRIENDS – You often get the impression that they are only calling you because no one else was available. They will just call you if they need something on you.



– REAL FRIENDS – They will tell you the truth even if it hurts because they love you. They are not plastic they want to tell you the truth for your own good.

– FAKE FRIENDS – They talk about your insecurities in public and embarrass you.



– REAL FRIENDS – Distance never been an issue between the two of you even if you only see each other two or three times a year, when you are together it’s like you have never been apart.

– FAKE FRIENDS – If you don’t see each other for a few month so you would probably forget they existed at all.



– REAL FRIENDS – When they offer you a compliment it is genuine and from the heart. They are happy to see you successful.

– FAKE FRIENDS – You are not comfortable enough to talk about your secrets because they will judge you and make funny stories about it after. You have never seen each other cry. They are happy to see you suffering and get irrated when you excell. Mostly of them are insecure and immature.



– REAL FRIENDS – They will to listen to you moan and rant and offer you a shoulder to cry on whenever you need it.

-FAKE FRIENDS – You normally only spend time with them in a group setting, never on a one to one basis. They have never seen the real you, they only see the façade that you put on when you are part of the group. They don’t like to listen to your dramatic stories.
You find it difficult to be yourself when you are around them.



-TRUE FRIENDS – If  you don’t have a car and you want to go somewhere… both of you will try to explore different places at unexpected plan.

-FAKE FRIENDS – It can feel as though your relationship is all one sided – you are making all the effort. You find yourself agreeing with them so as to keep the peace and not get into an argument. It’s easy to imagine your life without them in it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. God bless everyone. ,😘

7 thoughts on ““Determine your FAKE & TRUE FRIENDS” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. The best written article I’ve ever read, I hope this comes from your soul, it’s very true! Thank you for sharing it and I’m going to follow as it is! Thanks for touching the inner circle of soul.


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