“Withered Friendship” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

“Withered Friendship” by Jonin Marie Gargoles








Sometimes you have dwell on the things that hurts you

I know you will hear a lot of painful words

Don’t worry it will help you grow

I just want to hear the real truth from your mouth

I just never thought you will treat me like that

I treat you all as my friend but what I felt right now I felt betrayed because you hate me from the first place

Now I realize why you all hate me that much

No one knows what I went through in life

People may misunderstood or judge your good attentions in life

I hope this will serve as a lesson

Not all the time you must trust  everyone because you must keep secrets to yourself


Sometimes being too good is difficult because they will take advantage your kindness

Sometimes you don’t know who you’re true friends are

Some of them were wearing mask in order to fake you a smile

Some of them will threat you special but your not

Some of them will protect you but you’re already been killed

Some of them will compliment you but you’re already been back stab

Some of them will appreciate you but you’ve been insulted already

Some of them were happy to see you but deep inside they get irritated



Life is like a dazzling maze

Sometimes you’ll be amazed

You never thought that fake friends still exist

You cannot avoid them in our lives

They are everywhere in disguise

Some wear beautiful mask full of dark secrets

They may throw pathetic words against you

But that’s okay friends may come and go

Treasure them even they hurt you

Your love for them is not worth it

Just continue to love and take care of them




Maybe you always been there

Maybe strangers enter your heart first and then you spent the rest of your life searching for them


Respect is earned

Honesty is appreciated

Trust is gained

Loyalty is returned



Be happy

Be who you want to be

If others don’t like it, then let them be

Happiness is a choice

Life isn’t about pleasing everybody



Give yourself permission to cut negative people from your life, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.







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