” How to travel light” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

In traveling light you should:

1. Get a small bag


The bag should be lightweight and easy to carry. It is helpful to have a bag that can be carried as a backpack, or as a shoulder bag depending on the circumstances. Every time I travel like for example on Europe and Asia I always assured to carry a small bag with me. Its very important because you can put your valuable things inside there and its easy to handle like camera, cellphone & wallet.

2. Determine the climate conditions of your destination

Determine the climate conditions of your destination. Check the weather report, so that you know what type of clothing to bring with you. I always check if my destination have a very cold or hot weather. One example of this when I visited Spain good thing its summer during that time I can bring simple clothes and not to worry about bringing thick jackets and winter clothes if its winter.


3. Plan your wardrobe

Plan your wardrobe so that everything matches with everything else. This does not have to be monochromatic or boring. Rather, it suggests a minimalist approach to fashion. For me as a traveler you should know how to play with your clothes.


4. Bring enough underwear

Bring enough clean underwear. This is so that you can get through at least half of your journey’s time without doing laundry, up to 5 days time.  It depends on if you like to wear disposable underwear that can be.


5. Bring proper shoes

Bring at least two pairs of shoes that you can walk in comfortably. Shoes is very important for me. I love wearing rubber shoes because you can protect your legs from walking almost 24/7. You can freely walk or run along the journey & its Hassel free.


6. Consider your packing space carefully

Put items inside of other items, roll clothes into small rolls to reduce wrinkling. Make a proper usage of the space you have, and try being creative about it! Don’t bring bulky things that is not important.


7. Plan what to do with your supplies and equipment

If you have special supplies or equipment that you need to have with you, invest in high quality travel versions that fit into a smaller bag.


8. Pack smart and practical

Pack smart and practical. Keep your hand lotion, water, sunglasses, ear plugs, snacks, lipstick (or chapstick), toothbrush, floss, hair brush/comb, a change of underwear, pen, sticky notes, and any special medicines and necessary items you need in the top of your bag or in a separate hand bag, because you never know what may happen when you travel.


9.Remember security precautions

Remember security and precautions. Keep your ID, money, credit cards, in a security pouch. Keep some small currency in your pocket for little purchases (rather than pulling out everything each time).


Do you really have to follow this tips when you travel?

What do you think is the most important  tips you should not forget?

Being prepared is important and it is almost always best to travel light, so that you can avoid unnecessary delays, and get to your destination most efficiently.  You will surely enjoy it with no hesitations.


“It is always nice to travel with your own light stuff  and with the best buddy.”

13 thoughts on “” How to travel light” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

  1. I like it! I agree on most points, but I apply a few others 😉 : something different that I do is considering the activities I’ll do, or bring basic clothes + statement pieces 🙂 -I have an article on that and a couple more coming 😀

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