“Top 12 Sweetest things that a guy can do for you” by Jonin Marie Gargoles








1. Take you with his family  even just on a simple date/bonding moments together:)


2. Writing a song or a poem just for you :3


3. Doing things he don’t usually do .. ( sooo cute when a guy doesn’t know how to cook but he will take the time to cook for you) :3


4. Giving you random surprises.. Like giving you beautiful red roses or a love letter without any reason or occasion

5. Going to the mall and shops together (mostly guys hate shopping with girls, and its cute when a guy does) hehehe


6. When a guy tells you I LOVE YOU with your whole name all the time .. Hahaha


7. When a guy introduce you to his  friends like “meet my beautiful girlfriend” awwwwwwww :333


8. When a guy holds your hand tightly when you feel so cold


9. Kiss you on your forehead and hug you tightly… He will sing your favorite love song ❤


10. He will take to you to the different beautiful places you haven’t yet explored like traveling outside of the country


11. Hugs you when you’re mad and apologize for all the things you hate


12. Lastly, when he will insists to bring you home when its late just to make sure you’re always safe 😍



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