“Perks of having a Long Distance Bestfriend” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


1. No matter how far the distance the friendship will still remain forever

2. It’s been couple of years you haven’t seen each other but nothing changes


3. Distance doesn’t matter because both of you still treasure the gift of friendship


4. Time Zone may hinder the communication but both of you still have precious time with each other


5. You both keep funny & private secrets together that others may not understand only the two of you.


6. Both of you support & love each other. No matter how hard the situation you still cheer up & delight your day


7. You may not received video call or chat everyday but your communication is still strong. No more explanations to tell because both of you understand the situation and both you take effort and time for each other.

8. You both always care with each other. Every night before you sleep you always bring to your prayers the safety and health of your long distance friend.


9. You may not see or hug your best friend everyday but once the plane ticket strikes both of you were so happy & enjoy every minute & every seconds is like a precious stone that came from heaven.


10. Both you are not afraid to exchange worries & problems in life. Both of you will shared great advises.


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