“Forgive or Forget” by Jonin Marie Gargoles





You might hate me because I’m too frank to you

Always remember this I want you to learn from your own mistakes

Not all the time people will understand your attitude

I’m quite disappointed to you because you’re too arrogant


Don’t be a spoil brat

Its really a crap

Don’t be like a rat

You’re not a trap


Forgive me or not

I don’t care if you don’t

I forgive & forget

How about you?

So pathetic you don’t


I may be stern to you

Because I have the right to do that

I may be strict to you

Because I want you to learn




I don’t care losing people who don’t even deserve my love & care

I still have manners and class unlike you

I apologize to the mistakes I didn’t made

Hate me or love me

I want you to know that learning from your mistake will make you a better person

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