“Top 10 Reason why you should travel alone outside of the country” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


1. Quality Time for yourself

You feel so free walking alone the street. You have time to reflect about your life. Enjoy a peaceful mind & soul every time you travel.

2. Indulge yourself

Try to treat yourself a new special pleasure like for example go shopping at the Orchard Road of Singapore.

3. You will have time to enjoy the beautiful tourist destination

You can go take a lot of pictures any time you want. You will feel the cold breeze hugs your body while reminiscing some memories in your mind.

4. You say YES for new Adventure

When adrenaline rush hunts you try some dangerous adventure like diving with the sharks or sky diving. Let’s just say “Face your fear”.


5. You don’t care what other will think about you because they don’t even know you from the first place.

If you were  expose  in a lot of new people that you don’t even know them try to dance in the road while strolling alone. They may think your crazy but who cares right? Just have fun!

6. You will meet new friends along your journey

You will seldom see your common friends along the road you can do what you want make new friends who knows you will meet your special someone along the way.

7. You can shop all day long & feel  free like fashion chic

Every time you travel you will buy a lot of souvenirs to bring home. Try to buy cool fashion clothes from there country.

8. You will encounter their own culture, belief & delicacy

You will really experience culture shock so be prepared for that just enjoy the moment. Also respect their religion & beliefs because you are a tourist in their country.

9. You will experience language barrier

One of best experience you will have is language barrier there are words that you may not understand but they will make an effort for you to understand.

10. Learn to be more independent

Being independent every time you travel is very important. You must be aware were to explore always bring with you your guide map to enjoy all the beautiful experience. Always bring a photocopies of your important files like for example the Visa , Passport & many more. Learn how to enjoy alone & just have fun. Take a lot of beautiful pictures & memorable memories because that’s your precious treasure in life.


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