Long Distance

“Long Distance” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


We were sixteen while talking about our lives …

Hanging Out the streets

Teaching me how to play the skateboard

Introducing me to his friends that I’ll be his future girlfriend

I kept on pinching his cute face in front of them saying “no! he’s just joking”

We played the whole afternoon at the park while gazing a lot of cute couples that surrounds us…but we don’t mind them..

We took plenty of pictures under the sunset view….

We are laughing so loud because he kept on saying funny stories to me…

We are from a different culture, country, & race. Behind the language barrier we had experience he let me feel that we can still communicate even its hard for us sometimes.

He had taught me how to sing in different languages..

He invited me to have a dinner in a very romantic place in which I never imagine. Do you ever imagine yourself eating near the lake and the only light that surrounds you were candles and cute gold Christmas light covered up the whole tree. Both of you were watching  billion stars from above. He prepared your favorite sizzling foods. Matching giving you white roses & chocolates.

At first I’m afraid but he let me feel I’m safe every time I’m with him. He didn’t take advantage to me  because he highly respect women.

It was summer during that time I visited his country …

He had thought I’ll be staying longer in his country…

I explained to him that it can be hard sometimes for the two of us. I’m from Asian Country & his from a European Country… Different Culture & Origin.

Under a sky full of stars he was crying in front of me … He tried to wipe out my tears in my faces & told me …”If your star falls down, you will find mine lying beside yours… I will wait for you until the end… please come back…promise me? Every time you see those stars at night always remember I’m your shining stars waiting for you to come home…”.

I hugged him so tight because tomorrow morning I’ll be gone.

We keep our photographs together in our wallet. He printed it out in order for me not to forget him.

Many Summer had past by but I haven’t yet visited him again. Sometimes we lost our communication because I’m very busy … Until the time that I don’t have any news from him anymore. I was worried because everyday I always received his chat, messages, & video calls … From that day  on … I lost my appetite & always crying alone in my room.

Until one day one of his friend told me that he is fighting for a cancer battle. His friends told  me that he was afraid to tell me because I’ll be so worried about him. I tried to call him or video chat but no answers. Until now I don’t even know if he’s still alive or dead. Every time I saw the stars my heart bleeds and its killing me if he’s still okay or not. I miss him so badly. That’s the end of our story.


P.S. : “This is only a Fan-Fiction Short Story I hope you guys would like it.”

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