“10 Travel Tips” by Jonin Marie A. Gargoles





Good travel is the result of good planning. That applies to any trip you take, but it’s especially true when you’re heading to a foreign country. It can be tempting to book a ticket and start fantasizing about your getaway, but there’s work to be done. In addition to the planning any trip requires—lodging, restaurants, activities, and so on—international travel calls for extra steps and research to ensure a stress-free experience. Fortunately, we’ve broken it all down into a ten-point plan that will help make your next international getaway a success. We interview some Tourism Students to share their Travel Tips.


  1. Jonin Marie A. Gargoles (BSTM-4)


Most importantly, have at least one color copy of your passport’s ID page stored somewhere safe and separate from your passport. You should also make copies of any visas that pertain to your current travels. Hotel reservations, train ticket confirmations, and all other travel documents should be copied as well.

2. Babylyn Asuncion (BSTM-4)

– Don’t plan too much when you travel. I mean you can plan wherever you want to travel but not too much on your itinerary because there’s a tendency that it will be postponed. Don’t focus too much on your time, enjoy and feel the moment.

3. Ms.  Amelia Del Olmo Quingco (Tourism Area Head)

-One of the most important “ Always bring your I.D.”


4. Karl Alfred Jamandre (BSTM-4)

– Always bring a coin purse with you because it is more convenient in traveling different transportation like trains, bus, taxi and many more.


5. Andrei Uychiat (BSTM-4)

– Travel Light and be practical in many ways.


6. Vinesse Angielic Torre Suyo (BSTM-3)

– Put your toiletries (Shampoo, Creams etc.) in small containers to save space

7. Stefhanie Jane Santillan (BSTM-3)

-Always bring your emergency kit and get all the necessary gear for your electronics

8. Maria Theresa Acita (BSTM-4)

– Always bring a small body bag in order to secure your personal belongings and money.

9. Treni Rivera (BSTM-3)

– Always bring your camera and capture beautiful memories.

10.  Mary Joy Espinorio (BSTM-4)

– It’s always good to have a firsthand experience.

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