“Untold Stories” by Jonin Marie Gargoles




You ain’t  understand darkness

You ain’t feel stress

Far away separated by broken miles

Hallow Clouds swallowed the half moon

Sparkling stars twinkle & smile

My heart bleeds every time you bloom



Departed by different time zone

Painful decision I made as friend zone

Crumpled promises were scattered

Screwed situations were  flattered



Running around the beach as if our pants were on fire

It seems like yesterday dancing under the sunset view

I remember the first time I saw you cry

I can’t believe to see you



I reminisce the day I walk away

Painful tears stream down your face

My glued shoes can’t step away

Trembling toes were broken to gaze your face



Turbulence of the airplane stab your broken heart

Fluffy clouds were dancing outside the window

Invisible tears can’t wait to burst

Melancholic feelings painted to our face

Till we meet again

I hope someday we can utter our untold broken stories

Memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives











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