“The Mysterious Red Pool of Wisik Resort” by Jonin Marie Gargoles 

I had discovered a very unique resort having a RED POOL. You must try swim in there blazing red pool. Its amazingly fun to visit with your friends or family. The Wisik Resort  is known as “THE RED MARVEL FROM THE SOUTH”.

With my two friends Mary Joy Espinorio & Karl Alfred Jamandre


The resort is very popular because of there unique  “RED POOL” . Blazing Red Pool mesmerize the customers to visit the resort because it is the only resort in the Philippines that has a red pool. Looks hot but feels amazing when you try it. The resort also have “Bird watching” and “Fishing Lagoon” where in you will enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounded by different flying birds and you will enjoy fishing with your family and friends.

Amazing Spiderman
Friendship Goals


You will enjoy the different “Superheroes” beside the sea for kids and kids at heart. They have different Avengers Superheroes surrounded inside the resort. It’s a perfect place for individuals or groups who need to treat themselves or free their mind from work and stress. Though it is still new you will enjoy the different amenities and services they offered.

Blazing Red Pool

It’s a fantastic resort  that offers accommodation with facilities and amenities that people can enjoy. Wisik Resort is also a very competitive resort existing here in Negros.


The Fantasy Characters that is use as a design is also one thing that makes it unique. The resort also offers “Fishing Lagoon” and “Bird Watching” for the nature lovers.


I can assure you that for the money you pay, you’ll enjoy the services they offer.

They let the visitors feels satisfied as they chill, de-stress and loosen up in all ages. They keep a promise by giving different degree of enjoyment and relaxation.

They provide there guests and visitors an unforgettable experience of comfort, pleasure and adventure, where your satisfaction is their best reference.




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