Cebu’s Castle Church – Simala Shrine” by Jonin Marie A. Gargoles

The adventure of two beautiful lovers reaching their Silver Wedding Anniversary. My parents were happily married since Dec. 29, 1990. It’s like a fairytale story where a king and queen live in a beautiful castle with two beautiful daughters. Hahaha!







Alright I’ll share my personal experience in this Magical Palace called Simala also known as the Cebu’s Castle Church. Long long time ago when I was fourth year high school that was the first time I’ve went here in Simala and it was so huge with majestic architecture that surrounds the church like a beautiful castle. It was also called a miraculous place were many religious people visit and pray. Its one of my favorite church because before you reach the church inside, you must first walk a hundred steps before going inside. I’m so blessed that after four years I came back to Simala again and its still amazing . My parents celebrated their Silver Wedding  Anniversary here in Simala. The church had establish that faith in God is a blessing from heaven. Many local residents & foreigners went to the church to praise God and thank God for all the blessings had come to their lives. My family prayed together inside the church to thank God for all the blessings He had given to us and to guide our family along the way.


This beautiful castle church had an amazing garden below which shows beautiful & colorful flowers saying “WE LOVE YOU MAMA MARY!”




The church is consider a holy place. The church had established discipline to all people before going inside the church you need to be bear footed going inside. You cannot wear shorts or skirts above the knee.  You can write your personal intentions & prayers then send it to the box. You will see a lot of miraculous evidence posted by those people had experienced  miracles. It was truly a wonderful experience seeing a lot of people had been healed because of visiting Simala and many students were now successful and had passed their board exams because of God’s Love for us. Overall it was such an amazing journey with the whole family. After visiting Simala my parents have decided to visit Shangrila’s Mactan Resort & Spa to enjoy the beautiful paradise.



Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless everyone


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