“Buenos Aires Mountain Resort Escaped” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

The beauty of nature is amazing and extraordinary.  I’m really a nature lover and adventurous person.  I love to explore new things and places in life. Let’s now explore Buenos Aires Mountain Resort!

PhotoGrid_1435507003768image image image Today was such a great adventure for my family : dad – “Beltran G. Gargoles ” & mom – “Ninfa A.  Gargoles ” and a true friend of mine “Ma.  Theresa Acita”. image image image We enjoyed our time gazing the fantastic fragrance of Mother Nature.  Bago City do really implement the advocacy being  Environmental Friendly.  We must always take good care of our Mother Nature so that for the next generations they will also learn to appreciate it. image image image image image image   We had our survey about there resort in Buenos Aires Mountain Resort. image image image People in Buenos Aires were very accommodating and friendly.  The environment was so beautiful and they have amazing and awesome people also.  Indeed it was an extravaganza experience.  image image image image image The highway in going to Buenos Aires  was so clean and the cool fresh air was fantastic . image image image image

9 thoughts on ““Buenos Aires Mountain Resort Escaped” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

      1. Right now I’m already retired but not old for 64 year old and enjoying a ll senior discount and free movie every time I’m here in manila South America is really beautiful place to travel and my favorite place is maccupiccu the highest incas ruin.travelling is my passion since I was in elementary and travelling is addiction. For five years I don’t have permanent address they teasing me NPA are you still in college or graduate.wish you can travel more and maybe will see in one of our travel , the world is small for traveller like us.


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