“Graduation Speech in Mathematics Trainers Guild National ” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

Graduation Speech in Mathematics Trainers Guild National
Jonin Marie A. Gargoles

Good afternoon everyone.  I’m Jonin Marie A. Gargoles a senior student from St. Mary Mazzarello School.  Wow! Its been almost 8 consecutive years since I joined the MTG and was qualified in Nationals level. When I was a grade 3, I am very fortunate to have MTG at the early age.


MTG had brought many things in my life. It developed my skill in Mathematics and it influences my decisions in life. I believe that theirs  An answers or solutions in every problem at the early age I learn to be more independent and matured person.


Through MTG and qualified in the national level I visit different places around the country, when I was Grade 4 I went to Iloilo City to have our National In-house training for 5 days. At first it was hard for us to be alienated from our families, one hour is allowed for us for our parents to visit us, but at an early age I learn how to cope the situations, overcome loneliness, fears and strive to qualify for the next level.


What are the things that MTG had brought a great impact in my life? First is on how I can manage myself to solve many brainstorm problems and it also improved my mathematical skills. Second is it developed my self- confidence on how to interact and socialize  students from other schools.


Third is MTG had establish maturity for each one of us every time we had our National In-house training in different provinces.  When I was Grade 5 we went to Subic that’s one of my favorite places. Like a little Singapore in the Philippines because of its clean surroundings.  We had beautiful moments after the intensive training we were given the chance to tour around. We visited many landmarks like Zoobic Safari, where we experience the baby tiger sat on our lap; experiencing tigers will attack us while we were inside of a protective bus, and also crocodile adventures and many other wild animals. We also went to the Ocean Adventure where we enjoyed watching the dolphins and sea lion dancing and entertain us.


MTG build thousands of unforgettable memories that I will treasure forever. When I was Grade 6 we went to Cebu City and 1st year in Iloilo City again.  MTG also leads me to join different contest that can enhance my aptitude like joining the Australian Mathematics Contest and Suduko Contest.


I’ve learned a lot in MTG and with that I would like to thank the Center SMMS, the coordinator and the teachers for training us. Through that we find our Mathematics a easy subject.

So I encourage the MTG kids to continue your training in MTG because it could really help you. Remember,” Pag May Problem may answers, may solutions”. So I encourage my fellow students to strive for the best. BY Gods grace He will give us wisdom if we seek Him always in our prayers, Thank you and God Bless!




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