“CLASSICAL LIFE” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


In this world full of hardship

What really matter is friendship

Stacked in a dark room

Souls of a warrior gloom

Bountiful blessings showered

Protective angels were covered

Little creatures crawled

Shining gold were sold

Innocent heart was precious

Haunted souls were cautious

Million mask were pretentious

Attitude and character were conscious

Trembling hands were broken

Pumping hearts were frozen

Scary nails were stolen

Gray hair were fallen

Unexpected heroes were flying

Brutal criminals were crying

King and Queens were screaming

Immortal people were shaking

Artistic works were destroyed

Red marks were controlled

Beautiful petals were scattered

Pure souls were hallowed

Breathless laughs were erased

Awkward silent were chased

Gleaming eyes were fierce

Pathetic hearts left broken

Outstanding awards were shining 

Brave Eagles were flying

Innocent angels were singing

Authentic tribes were dancing

Vintage clock had stopped

Dark angels had trapped

Spring rainfalls had dropped

Billion judges had clapped

Promising face had frowned

Amazing warrior had crowned

Little princess was found

Classical songs was sound

Candle light was melting

Nostalgic eyes were gleaming

Magical pens were writing

Innocent children were playing

Jonin Marie A. Gargoles

(May 5, 2015)

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