“True Friends Never Fade” by Jonin Marie Gargoles

I dedicated this poem for my high school bestfriends last December 28, 2011


My dearest friends you are important to me
I always remember your sweet smiles in glee
Craving under the moonlight, you are my family
Fairytale friendship would always last happily

Mabby, my only Chibe in this world
You’re my precious friend I wont sold
Arian, my fanatic friend in ANTM models
You are my role model and idol

Karlyn, My beloved Sema forever
I always appreciate my saint friend ever
Juds, My protective and loving dad
You’re so brave enough to protect me. I’m so glad

Jenny, My huggable and flawless mom
Simple and quite but fearless mom
Imee, My cute, charming and sarcastic friend
I always love your sweet smile and voice to blend

Junien, My adorable friend of mine
Your pretty face would always shine
Nikka, My compassionate sister
Your precious friendship feels like twister

By the way I’m Bep2
Random and weird creature
Who you would always treasure
True and sweet friendship I pleasure
I always treasure the gift of friendship
Because that’s my nature

Jonin Marie A. Gargoles





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