“Melancholic Love” by Jonin Marie Gargoles


We can watch the world turn round
After all the things we’ve been through
If the moon doesn’t shine at night
Will you stay to hug me so tight?
At night we watch the shooting stars together
You swear to love me even your far away
You will never let me go
You know our situation is hard
Dreams overshadowed us
Is it ever enough?
To love you a thousand years
You will always be mine through push and pull
Its been a year already but you haven’t the courage to tell me
Wherever you go  . . . Please don’t forget me
Wherever you go I will always be there
You had told me, we will build our castle together
You swear to love me
You want to hold my hand
You know that hate my hand
That’s the most important thing you always like
The first time you held my hand
Is the most amazing part you like
The first time we had our first dance in the spotlight
Many girls were crazy about
Thousand of oceans reflect yourself
thousand of reasons you admit your wrong
But you hope I won’t forget you
I’m sorry your the second man now
At the first place you replaced me with someone else
I tried to give you million chances
But you always loved to broke it
A beautiful angel had captured my heart
Since the day I kept ignoring you
Was the time that I don’t actually care about you
You tried to make things right
But I think it’s too late for the two of us
My broken trust can’t be healed
Your pathetic sorry can’t be sealed
Your crying in front of me to give you another chance
Your such a coward guy
You still love me
Another set of wings
But you can’t fly anymore
Another touch was invisible
You think you love me better now?
Of all the fool things you’ve done
You should have bought me flowers
But your not sweet and kind
You should have time for me
But you preferred to watch movies with your friends
You should dance with me
But you didn’t go in the party
You should talk to me
But you just keep quite and secretly gaze at me
You should treat me a dinner date
But you preferred to play video games with your friends
You should comfort me
But you don’t have the courage to ask if I’m okay
After all the things you’ve done
I think I’m better off without you
I’m happy without you
I’m happy with someone else
That person made me feel so special
That person didn’t break my heart
That person really care about me
That person can be trusted and loyal
I’m sorry but I’m not your option
You may have plenty of girls in your life
But you can’t be happy because
The person you loved was gone in a blink of an eye
You regret every single day and night
Your heart was crumpled a thousand times
You’ve learned a great lesson in your life
While your crying outside the church
Hearing those words “I DO”
The most crucial part is the wedding of your love
Kissing other person & it’s not you
You didn’t fight for your love
It’s your fault because your ignorant
You went home walking under the heavy rain
Screaming & punching your chest
In life you have to give importance
To those person who also loved you
Don’t wait for the day
That everything will change and gone
Before it’s too late
Fight for your love

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