Madrid, Spain Escaped by Jonin Marie Gargoles

WYD 2011  Spiritual Experiences  “At the foot of the cross the ground is level”

Hi!   Everyone this is Jonin Marie Gargoles.  Traveling is my passion.  As I could remember at the young age I was given a chance to travel different  places around the world.  But before I go outside of the country I explore my country first “Philippines”.I remembered  I always join different Mathematics Competition in National Levels to compete for International Mathematics Olympiad. At the young age of 9 years old I begin to traveled different  places around Philippines I’ve went to Tagaytay City, Subic City,   Iloilo City,  Manila City,  Cebu City,  Baguio City and many more. I am very independent person at the age of nine.  When I was young I always practice  to travel light because it’s very important. You just have to bring important things in your baggage.



Okay I’ll tell you guys my first International Trip.  At first I don’t expect that I could be one of the delegates in World Youth Day in Madrid,  Spain.  It’s a big event were Pope Benedict XVI gathered all the young people around the world.  I’ve met a lot of people international. I was given a great privilege to be one of the delegates to represent my country Philippines.


I was a simple 3rd year student during that time,   enjoying a good education through the guidance of the Salesian’s Sister,  focus to excel in academic and in sports.  November 2010 when sr. Rhea approach me that I’m the one chosen as participant in WYD 2011 in Madrid, Spain. For me it’s a pleasure that they consider me as WYD participant and an opportunity to witness that momentuos event.  Before,  I take it lightly because it involve big amount of money to go in Madrid, but within myself wish to attend.  Aside from that,  sr.  Fely our directress and Mrs. Salcedo my adviser informed my father that I’m one chosen as WYD participant. We offered to God in prayer for His guidance and for the right decisions and for His financial assistance for this occasion. Finally,  it’s an answered prayer because my parent allows me to join the WYD in Madrid,  Spain.  Travel documents were processed , airfare ticket and accommodation. Indeed,  it involved big amount of money.


When I was already a senior student still focus and inspired for my studies,  excited to witness the WYD in Madrid,  Spain.  August 2011 came I’m so excited like the other participant, mixed emotions,  because I miss my love ones,  classmates and teachers.


At Madrid, Spain,  I enjoyed watching the beautiful scenery and landmark on that place . During the World Youth Day I met young people form other countries with different cultures, race ,  but having the same longing to this unforgettable experience in life.  To witness and feel being united through prayers,  singing, and praising God.  Great feeling to see the Pope in person.  Indeed,  at the foot of the cross the ground is level.


I’ll post more my great experiences in Madrid,  Spain.  I’ll just updated my travel blog from time to time.  And to update more different countries I’ve went.  Thank you and God bless




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