Tears of Love by Jonin Marie A. Gargoles

By : Jonin Marie A. Gargoles

(This poem was published when I was 2nd Year High School Student in St.  Mary Mazzarello School – MOMENTUM PUBLICATION)


Chasing the precious rainbow
Perfect lights start to shine
Hidden admiration gives symbol
Red roses suddenly gloom in thine

Attracted to this girl a lot
This girl caught his attention
Weird love is hot
Cotton love spell had mention

Long distance relationship
Chocolate rumors start to explode
Everyone thought more than friendship
But hesitation is involved

Anxiety clutch a hurtful love
For all the girls,  why she?
Worried to have an electric love
Warm breeze flooded a picture of her

The heart doesn’t bleed blood anymore
Pretty petals stained her blood
Unwanted romance is not her humor
Unaware of a loveholic become flood

Dreaming and addicted to his fantasy
Love endures to fight
The desire of million imagination was his history
It will be the last harmony of love tonight

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